Michigan State University



In Acquisitions, we order, receive, and catalog materials for the MSU Libraries collections. Acquisitions processes all monograph and serials orders and receipts, is responsible for monitoring the materials budget, and manages materials fund accounting  processes.  Approval plan processing (including Skymatch plans) and copy cataloging of print monographs and serials also takes place in Acquisitions.

Electronic Resources Maintenance

ERM was created to solve workflow issues related to electronic resources in Technical Services and to assist in good e-resource procedures throughout the Libraries. We currently handle maintenance of multi-year license packages, ceases and cancelations, including print cancelations that become electronic only, materials budget invoice payment and accounting, maintenance of electronic journal holdings, and workflow creation for electronic workflows that cross team lines.

Catalog Maintenance

Catalog Maintenance's mission is to provide availability and access to the Libraries information resources. Catalog Maintenance is a partner with the other teams in Technical Services to uphold the mission of the Technical Services Department and the Libraries. Catalog Maintenance accomplishes its mission by performing multi-faceted activities relating to the management of the Libraries on-line catalog and by physical processing of material. The mission of the team is to provide access to resources to serve the education needs of the students, faculty, and staff of M.S.U., the citizens of Michigan, and the University's national and international clientele.

Cataloging and Metadata Services

The Cataloging and Metadata Services Team (previously called the Bibliographic Enhancement Team) provides bibliographic access to materials in all formats and in a wide variety of languages, when no bibliographic copy exists in SkyRiver or when existing copy lacks an LC classification number and LC subject headings.  Historically in library science the creation of new bibliographic records has been called original cataloging.  The CMS team also enhances local catalog records, which are in turn contributed to the national bibliographic utility, SkyRiver. The CMS team has a commitment to the national cooperative cataloging programs NACO and CONSER.  We contribute new and enhance existing name and series authority records in the NACO (Name Authority Cooperative) file, and in  CONSER (Cooperative Serials) file.  Our contributions become part of the Library of Congress' name authority (NAF) and CONSER databases. The team also has the responsibility of ensuring that the MSU Libraries remain aware of national cataloging standards. Maintaining standards nationally is critical to the resource sharing of catalog records. Librarians on the team work with libraries and professional library organizations nationwide to help formulate national standards. Librarians also provide local leadership to assist the MSU Libraries in having its catalog adhere to the national cataloging standards.