Michigan State University

Wallace DePue Collection 

No. Title Pub/Year Type of work Format (score, parts, etc) Pages of full score Parts included No. of copies Dedications Special notes Additional info Timings
1 To America from her Fathers 1990 Choral Work For voices, piano and hand bells 9 no 1 None *Handbell part is optional Separate Lyrics sheet included  
2 After Dark Picardie Court: 1989, 1997 Vocal number 2 voices (male/female) and piano. P/v score 1989 version: 7, 1997 version: 13 no 4 1997 version: To Dr. and Mrs. George Bell Fred and Fredena Duet from " The Wonderful Witch of Oz" One copy of score in back is incomplete. Missing pgs 6-7 1997 version: 1:45
3 Alarm Bells Composer Choral Work (SATB, and reh. piano) Full score 11 no 2 Richard Klausli and the State Singers Poem: Edgar Allan Poe 2 copes. One on a velum-like paper, and other on regular paper. 2:50
4 All of God's Children Picardie Court, 1993 Choral: 3 voices and piano Full score 6 no 1 Katy and Joe Lawson Editoral Revisions in Red Jubilee Song. Arr. By W. De Pue Edited by Dr. Mark Munson 2:00
5 Alexander's Lullaby Picardie Court, 1999 SATB a capella (reh. piano) Full score 6 no 2 Alexander DePue Part B is based on an 1899 tune entitled, "Follow On," by Robert Lowry Scores: 1 original, 1 copy 2:52
6 Almighty God, Unto whom all hearts are open Picardie Court, 1999 Choral: SATB a capella (reh. Piano) Full score 7 no 3 Judy R. Miller   Scores: 1 original manuscript, 2 published copies  
7 America's Day of Wrath Picardie Court, 2002 SATB (piano redux) Full score 9 no 1   editorial suggestions in pencil poet: unknown. Work based on Dies Irae 2:50
8 America composer SATB with piano, or Brass Septet Full Score and parts Version 1: 9, Version 2: 12 yes 2 The Huntington High School Choir Andrew Housholder, Dir. Brass Ens verions: 3 trpts, Horn, T-Bone and Tuba (or, T-Bone) Samual A. Ward, arr. W. De Pue. Both scores and parts in manuscript. Katherine Lee Bates?  
9 An American Choral Rhapsody composer, 1976 Choral: SATB and Bass Narration Full Score 22 no 3 The Bach Society of Baltimore, Maryland Written for the American Lutheran Church Convention, Oct. 9, 1976 *Individual movements within work are written by others, but arranged by W. DePue.  
10 The American Men composer Choral: TB Full Score 3 no 1 Bowling Green State Univ. Men's Chorus   Score is in original manuscript  
11 The Animal Fugue composer, 1966 Choral: For 4 part spoken chorus, or for 4 people Full Score 8 no 5   1 copy of score is one one page reduced for copy purposes    
12 Annabel Lee composer, 1987 Vocal work for Tenor, Baritone/BassVoices and French Horn Full Score and Horn part 9 yes 2 Herbert Spencer Poem: Edgar Allan Poe 2 copies of score and parts: 1 in manuscipt, other is copy of manuscript  
13 April is in my Lover's Face composer Choral: SAATB (Madrigal) Full score 10 no 2     Original score was done on velum type of paper. Fragile. 1 score oversized.  
14 Ballade composer, 1988 solo piano part     *4 Dr. Roy Underwood *original manuscipt included and 3 copies Part is in original manuscript  
15 The Bird, Frog and Tree Club composer, 2005 Musical? 2 versions: Full Orch and Characters AND SATB Chorus, Organ and Characters Full scores and narration scripts   yes multiple (see collection)   Orchestral Version has separate movements (Bird, Frog and Tree) and can be performed separately. Letter of Coorespondence included, Manuscipts (vocal, pno parts) included. Scraps from work and Sasquatch included in sealed envelope. *CD of performance included in collection.  
16 The Birdwatcher composer, 1996 Chamber Music: Violin (or, flute), Soprano (or, Tenor) and Harpsichord (or, piano) full score and parts 11 no 2   one copy of score has edit markings in it Harpsichord editing done by Vincent Corrigan  
17 Blest Be the Tie that Binds composer Choral full score 4 no 1   Copy of hymn "Just as I Am, Thine Own to Be was originally attached to this work.    
18 Boys, Stay Away! composer Choral: for male chorus? full score 5 no 1   Score is in original manuscript    
19 The Brooklet DePue Solo Piano part 3 yes 1 part (original manuscript)        
20 Brother's In Singing DePue Voice score (1 page sketch in manuscript) 1 no       date: 8-11-2003  
21 Burgundian Carol composer: 2 versions: original unknown, published copy: 1989 Choral: (SATB) Four part chorus of mixed voices, with opt. piano full score manuscript copy: 8, published copy: 11   2 manuscript: David Harden, published copy: Gene Dybdahl Traditional Carol: Words and Arr. By W.De Pue Scores: One manuscipt, and one published copy.  
22 Burlesque composer Chamber Music: Violin and Piano full score 6 no 1       5:30
23 The Burning Bush composer, Picardie Court, 2007 Solo Lit: For Baritone Voice and piano full score manuscipt copy: 22, published copy: 17 no 3 Andreas Poulimenos 3 full scores: 1 score in manuscript, 2 copies. 4th copy of score is included, but it's an incomplete set. Holy Bible 10:30
24 Byron's Song composer, 1993 Solo Lit: For Bariton or Tenor) and piano full score 4 no *8* Dennis Kratzer *Song is in 3 different keys: Ab Major for Tenor Voice (2 copies), and Gb Major for Baritone Voice (3 copies) and Eb Major for Baritone Voice (3 copies)* George Gordon Lord Byron  
25 Cain composer Solo Lit: Tenor Voice and piano full score 3   1 Rex Elkum Score is in original manuscript    
26 The Call composer, 1975 Picardie, 1999 2 versions: SATB, opt piano (or ogran) AND Tuba and piano Full Score and parts 2 pages and 3 pages yes 1975 choral: 6, 1975: tuba 2, 1999 pub: 2 John and Ruth Ganser work arr. By Wallace DePue, music by R. Vaughn Williams and lyrics by George Herbert Letters of Coorespondence included vocal version: 2:33
26 A Call from Home Picardie, 2002 Unaccomp. Solo Violin part 7 yes 1        
27 Campaign Song: Ted Kallman composer voice? part 1 yes 2 Ted Kallman Letter of coorespondence to Ted Kallman included    
28 The Camptown Races composer male chorus (TTBB) full score (reh piano only) 10 and 15 no 3 RichardMathey and the BGSU Men's Chorus Stephen Foster. Arr. By Wallace DePue. 3 copies of score: 1 in manuscript, 2 copies. 3rd copy of score is missing page 15 from set.  
29 A Chapel Prayer composer, 1992 W.B., 1985 choral: SATB and piano (for reh.) full score 5 and 6 no *multiple copies and originals Clintondale HS Choir of Mount Clemens, MI 3 copies of score, 2 large copies and 1 small copy on velum-like paper. PC-16  
30 A Chapel Prayer/Choir? Picardie choral: SATB a capella (pno redux) full score 4 no 2 Andrew Markopoulos 2 copies of score: 1 original and 1 copy    
31 A Child's Prayer on Xmas Eve composer choral: SSA full score 1 no 3 to our friends and loved ones   4 separate copies of the DePue Family Album 2007 enclosed. Family Album 2007 notes enclosed on back of sheet music.  
32 Choral Work: Four Voice Chorale composer choral p/v score 3 no 1   1 manuscript copy    
33 The Chistmas Call composer SATB and piano (reh) full score 1 no 7   1 copy **opt percussion inst. Should be played by designated people in choir    
34 A Christmas Card (to Peoria) Picardie, 2000 SATB, organ or piano full score   no 3 The Peoria Area Civic Chorale 3 copies of score: 1 manuscript, 3 published copies   6:25 w/ repeat, 3:20 w/o repeat
35 Christmas Eve Picardie, 2000 SATB, piano, finger cymbals, small triangle, suspended cymbals, hand held shell drum full score 5 no 1   1 published copy: Perc. Parts are in score    
36 Christmas for the Living Lord Picardie, 2001 SATB and optional piano full score 6 no 1        
37 A Christmas Processional composer, 1991 SATB full score 2 no 1   *Portable Perc. Instruments may be used to ad lib.    
38 Christmas Time   Perc- Metalphones, Glockenspiel, Tuned Bells, and Handclappers full score 2 no 1        
39 Chromatophore composer, 1998 Chamber Music: 2 Violins, Bsn, and Piano full score and parts full score: 11 yes 1 set The Christophersons   original parts are fragile  
40 Come Thou Long Expected Jesus unknown/arr. W. DePue SATB and piano (reh) full score 6 no 2        
41 Concerto No. 1 in A minor J.S. Bach/ arr. W De Pue, 1992 Chamber Music: 3 Violins full score 8 no 1 Michael Moore and the Arts Unlimited Program      
42 *Concerto for Perc. + Orchestra composer Full Orchestra *full score and parts: 1 complete set. Maybe 2 or with revisions. Also Mvts 1 and III only (published) with markings.   yes 1 full score, 2 sets of part for Mvt. III only 1) Oscar, 2) Dora, 3) Lillian   Assorted wind parts from Mvt II are included, but not full set. Mvt I: 5:15, Mvt II: 5:20, Mvt III: 6:30
43 Concerto for Violin composer, 1/19/1993 Chamber Music: Solo Violin and piano full score 8+1 no 1: mauscript copy     Sketch sheet of themes used in musical work are included with set.  
44 Coronation Oliver Holden/arr. W. DePue, 1991 SATB, Organ and Brass Quintet (optional) full score and quintet parts   yes 2 complete sets Parkview United Methodist Church Program notes and a condensed full score in manuscript are included in set.    
45 A Country Dance Musik's Handmaiden, Part I 1678/arr. W. DePue *SATB and piano (reh) full score 6 no 2   *Hand written program notes and lyrics sheet included in set. Optional Violin part can be used.    
46 Credo composer: 1994, 2000 2 SATB Choirs and piano (reh) full score   no 6: 1 original manuscript, 5 copies (contain markings and notes) Paul Sahuc and the UMD Concert Chorale and Fostoria HS Choir Gum Schwepe, Director      
47 A Creed composer, words by Edwin Markham TTTBB and piano (reh) full score and separate piano part 6 yes 2 scores, 1 piano part Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Ellsworth   part is fragile  
48 D minor Passacaglia composer, 5/6/63 Solo Piano part 9 yes 1 part: manuscript        
49 The Disciple Variations (from The Wonderful Witch of Oz) Picardie, 1997 Solo Organ part 5 yes 2 parts published Nancy Wolcott   Wonderful Witch of Oz program notes included 4:00
50 La Donna E Mobile G. Verdi/arr. W. DePue Picardie, 1999 SSAA a capella voices and tenor solo full score manuscript copy: 6, published copy: 7 no 4 (2 manuscript and 2 pub. copy) originals have markings/corrections       3:00
51 The Death of Autumn composer WW Quintet (Fl, Ob, 2 Clarinets, Bsn) full score and parts 4 yes 1 complete set        
52 Dedication Holy Bible/Picardie, 2004 Bass-Baritone Voice and Organ, OR String Quartet full scores only   no 3 copies of voice/organ score version, 1 copy of SQ score version   from The Holy Bible: "The Song of Ruth" For Bass, Baritone Voice and Organ or String Quartet  
53 Dans Taranesc C. Dimitrescu/arr. W. DePue, 1991, 1996 Chamber Music: 3 Violins Full score and Violin 1 parts only both contain original markings   *no 1991 set and 1996 set     *2 Violin I parts only  
54 Decussante W. DePue, 1987 Chamber Music: Double Brass Quintet, or 2 separate Brass Quintets 3 full scores, 2 redux scores/sketches 40 no 3 full scores (1 is original manuscript), and 2 redux scores (original manuscript markings) Bowling Green Faculty Brass Quintet   May be performed as a Double Brass Quintet, or played separately by one BQ)  
55 Destiny (Frottola) composer SATB p/v score   yes 1 copy in velum-like paper (fragile)        
56 Dorian Waltz DePue Orchestra Full score ans 1 set of parts   yes original set w/ markings        
57 The Dulcimer's (Fiddler's) Fair Picardie, DePue. Hammer Dulcimer Editor: Mark Wade Chamber Music: Hammer Dulcimer and Piano Full score w/Hammer Dulcimer inserts   yes 1 copy        
58 El Dorado Edgar Allan Poe/Wallace DePue Ch. Music: Voice and Piano Full Score 4, 5 no 4 scores (1 original manuscript, 3 copies) Rex and Mona Eikum      
59 Earth has No Sorrow that Heaven Cannot Heal Picardie, 1999 SATB a capella voices (opt. piano) Full Score 6 no 2   Poet: Unknown PC-32 2:09
60 Easter composer 2 SATB Choirs a capella Full Score 7 no *1 full score (original manuscript) sketches included     sketches in manuscript enclosed with set  
61 Easter Bells composer, Mar. 17, 1953 SATB a capella Full score 1 no 1 full score (manuscript)        
62 Ecclesiastes 12 composer, 1989 SSAA and perc. Full Score   no 5 full score copies (1 in manuscript) Bowling Green State Univ. Women's Chorus, R.D. Mathey, Dir.   Program Notes and Errata sheets enclosed in set 4:45
63 Eight Textures of Love Picardie, 1994 Ch. Music: Baritone voice and Piano Full Score   no 1 full (bound) score       *Time durations included at the top left corner of each musical selction.
64 An Enchanting Waltz Henry Purcell/words and arr. by W. DePue SATB and piano (reh) Full Score 5 no 4 scores (1 original manuscript and 2 copies) sketches attached to a copy in set        
65 An Etude for Large Hands composer, 10/28/54 solo piano part 3 yes 2 parts in original manuscript. 2 versions?        
66 An Evening Song for Jeannie W. DePue, 1990 Picardie, 2001 Carolon Bells part 2 yes 3 parts. 1 (1990), 2 (2001) Jeannie Hyer Poem enclosed: An Evening Song (to Jeannie) notes markings included on parts  
67 Prelude and Chorale in F minor composer solo piano part 5 yes 1 part     part is fragile  
68 Fair Phyllis composer STB (Madrigal) Score 2 no 1 score     score is fragile  
69 Fairer Than Fair composer *Ch. Music: Voice and Piano Score 1 no *1 incomplete score: Page 1 only)        
70 The Fatherland Trad. German tune/Arr. W. DePue, 1986 *Ch. Music: Violin (or 2 wind instruments), Yodeler and TTBB Full Score 3 no 2 copies of score     *Yodeler part is optional  
71 The Fiddler and the Dragon (Narration) Picardie, 2008 Ch. Music: Violin and Piano Full (Bound) Scores   no 7 copies of score (includes monologue with markings)     Program Notes enclosed  
72 The Fiddler's Contest for Wind Ensemble/Band (*In 4 mvts.) Picardie, 2000, 2006 Large Scale Work: For Solo Violin and Orchestra, Band, or Piano Multiple full Scores and sets of parts   yes *1 Bound Full Score of all 4 Mvts, Violin/Piano scores. Multiple copies of score mvts with markings and revisions. Movements can be performed separately for performance.   *Mvts: Yangey's Hoedown, An Old Fashioned Waltz, The Paul and Patti Polka and The Fidder's Fare Letter of Coorespondence and Error Notes enclosed  
73 Fifteen Variations for Piano W. DePue, 1982 Solo Piano part   yes 1 bound score        
74 5 or 10 Picardie, 2009 Ch. Music: Brass Quintet Full Score and parts. Piano redux included in score   yes 1 complete set   2 quinet pieces included in work. See specific notes on top cover of full score.   4:45
75 Fugue for a School Room composer SATBC Full Score 5 no 1 copy of score (Original manuscipt)        
76 Flower in the Carmmied Wall Alfred Lord Jennyson/W. DePue SAATB (Madrigal) Full Score 3 no 1 copy of score (fragile)        
77 Fugue in A Major for Keyboard composer Piano Solo part   yes 3 copies (all original manuscripts)        
78 Fugue in E Major for Keyboard composer Piano Solo part 2 yes 1 copy (original manuscript, with sketches and notes done by composer on the part.)        
79 Gesu Bambino Arr. DePue String Quartet 1 full score   yes original manuscript score        
80 Give/Gimme Me That Old Time Religion Traditional/Arr. W. DePue, 1992. Picardie, 1999 SATB and Solo Tenor Voice full score 9 no 3 copies of score R.D. Mathey and the BGSU a capella Choir   Letters of Coorespondence included PC-35 3:09
81 Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor Irving Berlin/Arr. W. DePue SATB and piano score 1 no 1 manuscript (incomplete score set?)        
82 Glory to God W.DePue, 1983 SATB and piano redux full score 6 no 1 published score (copy) Christopher Hamady      
83 Glory to God in the Highest Picardie, 1999 SATB a capella full score 4 no 2 copies (original and copy) Dorothy and Elmer Kallman     :45
84 Golden Bells E. Allan Poe/Wallace DePue SSAATTBB with Piano full score 16 no 1 copy (in original manuscript)        
85 Good Old Goober Peas! P. Nutt, A. Pindar/Arr. W. DePue TTBB Quartet or Chorus and Jug Band 5 scores   no 5 copies (1 vocal and 1 full score with piano)        
86 Good Morning April W. DePue SATB a capella full score 3 no 1 copy        
87 A Great Light W. DePue, 1999 SATB and piano (reh) full score 10, 16 no 1 original manuscript with directions, 1 bound score, 2 copies of score, copies on vellum-like paper original: To Normand Lockwood, published copies: To the Paul B. Patterson Family   PC-81  
88 Greatheart Picardie, 2007 SATB and Piano full score 12 no 1 published score (copy)   John Oxenham    
89 Haman W. DePue Ch. Music: Tenor and Piano full score   no 2 original manuscript scores        
90 Hosanna Picardie, 1999 Large Work: mixed Chorus and piano, or Brass Quartet and Perc. full score and parts   yes 1 set of parts        
91 Harry Wuzanelf Picardie, 1996 SATB and piano full score 11 no 3 copies of score        
92 Hanukkah Picardie, 1996 SATB and piano full score 10 no 4 copies: 2 original, 2 copies Illanna Kennell Editor: Dr. Mark Munson PC-6 SATB, PC-6A 2 voices (any combination) and piano  
93 Hava Nagila Picardie, 1995 (Israeli Folk Song/Arr. W. DePue) *3 voices, piano and tambourine (see note of manuscript copy) full score 9 no 8 copies: 1 in orig manuscript Chris and Brian Murphy Editor: Dr. Mark Munson *original manuscript scored for Sop, Alto and Baritone voices. Letter of Coorespondence included in set. 2:25
94 He's Gone Away Southern Mountain Song/Arr. W. DePue For Voice and Piano full score 2 no 1 copy Richard and Ethel Mathey      
95 The Highwayman Picardie, 2011 Ch. Music: Cello, piano and narrator full score and part   yes 1 full set full score, cello part, narration included) Diana Smith Narration( Poem): Alfred Lord Noyes Correspondence included  
96 How I Love You… An Old Irish tune/Arr. W. DePue, 1991 Ch. Music: Soprano, Baritone and piano full score 5 no 3 copies of score Paul and Rachel Sahuc      
97 Hear Our Prayer W. DePue SATB and piano (reh.) full score 9 no 3 scores (1 original manuscript and 2 copies)        
98 The Hero and the Fool W. Depue Poem/Nattation bound script 7 no 1 original bound script with pencil editing        
99 Holy, Holy, Holy! John B. Dykes 1861/Arr. W. DePue SATB full score 6 no 1 copy   Text: Reginald Gruber pub, 1826    
100 Horns of Glory DePue, 1979 For Horn Quintet full score and parts   yes 4 Full Scores manuscript and 2 sets of parts (Original and copy) The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Contest work submitted for the International Horn Society's Competition Concert: 1979 Letters of Correspondence included, Details of HIS Contest included  
101 How Do I Know? DePue Unknown: Full score sketches original manuscript score 2 no 1 copy original manuscript        
102 Der Jager Abschied (The Hunter's Farewell) F. Mendelssohn-Bathody, Arr. W. DePue Picardie, 2004 SATB and piano (redux) full score 5 no 2 copies of score   Text: J.V. Eichendorff, translator: Eva Lande, Edited by William P. Schwepe    
103 I Never Saw a Moor DePue, 1963 SSAATB Madrigal full score 3 no 2 bound copies, 3 copies in vellum-like paper Maud Ochs Text: Emily Dickinson 1 of the bound copies has markings in it.  
104 Iron Bells DePue SATB and piano (reh) full score 9 no 4 copies of score, 1 bound copy John E. Jorn      
105 I Find My Rest in Thee DePue, 1994 SATB and piano/organ full score 3 no 1 copy Good Shepherd Lutheran Church   Copy of Work: Choral Prelude enclosed on backside of score 1:07
106 In Meadow's Fair Picardie, 2003 SSAATTBB a capella full score 10 no 4 copies of score Mrs. Kurt Lande, and the Emergency money Fund of Butler County, Ohio- 2003 Editor: William P. Schwepe Text: Author unknown 2:14
107 I Think it's Christmas! DePue, 1991 SATB and piano full score 2 no 1 copy        
108 I Want to be in Movies! Picardie 2002 Male Chorus (TTBB) piano redux score with markings   no 1 score     PC-98 2:00
109 In Memoriam A.H.H. Picardie 2007 SATB and piano *score and lyrics sheet with markings   no *1 bound score with markings lyrics sheet included   Text: Alfred Lloyd Tennyson PC-125 5:45
110 Invention in E minor DePue Solo keyboard part 2 yes 1 copy in original manuscript        
111 Is It Really True? DePue, 1992 SATB and piano (redux) full score 5 no 1 copy        
112 Jesus, Even the Thought of You DePue, 1983 *SATB and organ full score   no 2 copies (1 in orig. manuscript) Tom and Sarah Witzel *Instrumental or val Obligato and organ are optional*    
113 Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross William Doane/Arr. W. DePue Ch. Music (Violin and Flute) part: combined one page 1 yes 1 copy in original manuscript        
114 The J.J. Burlesque W. DePue Large Work: Orchestra Full Score 40 no 1 copy of score     Misfit page of Burlesque for Violin and Orch redux. included in set 6:07
115 Just As I Am Wm. Bradbury, Charlotte Elliott, 1836/Arr. W. DePue. Picardie, 2002 SATB and piano Full Score 5 no 2 copies of score: Original manuscript and published copy   Copy of score has editorial makrings included CP-83 4:15
116 Kallman DePue Voice and piano Full Score 2 no 1 copy of score (Original manuscipt)        
117 The Little Bulldozer (from the Wonderful Witch of Oz) Picardie, 1997 One Piano, four hands, or an appropriate instrument Full score 3 no 1 copy Frances Burnett      
118 Little Lamb DePue, 1963 For Voice and Piano Full score 3 no 1 copy on vellum-like paper Armando Rivas Text: William Blake    
119 The Little People's Opera (Freddy and Fredena) DePue Mini-Opera? Original Manuscript: Piano/Vocal Score and Monologue     1 copy with markings        
120 Lost DePue *For Tenor and piano Full score 7 no 2 copies (1 original manuscript)   Stacey Mathey *Program notes and lyrics sheet with pencil markings from the composer in set  
121 Last Slumber DePue SATB and piano Full score 6 no 1 copy on vellum-like paper        
122 "The Legend" DePue male chorus (TBB) a capella Full Score 8 no 1 bound copy of score Loren Jones      
123 Lullaby *Pub. Domain/Arr. W. De Pue, 1977 SATB Chorus Full Score   no 4 copies of score, 1 in manuscript Alexander Paul *Part B based on Hymn Tune titled, "Follow On" by Robert Lowry editorial markings included on some copies  
124 The Maid with the Rose W. DePue Solo Voice and piano Full score 3 no 1 copy in original manuscript        
125 The Man of God *John Jorn/arr. W. DePue/unknown, Picardie 1996 Bass solo, SATB and piano Full score 8 no 5 copies (2 bound), 1 on vellum-like paper, 2 other copies Ellis E. Snyder, Chapel Choir, Capital University Selected text from The Bible, work based on a theme by John Jorn    
126 The Manger Scene DePue Solo Baritone and SATB Chorus Full Score   no 2 copies of score, 1 in manuscript   Short correspondence is included in set    
127 The March of Life DePue 1990 For 2 Voices, Percussion and Piano 4 scores and 1 set of parts   yes 4 copies        
128 The March of Time Marching Song/Arr. DePue 2 Voices and Piano 1 original manuscript score   no original manuscript        
129 "Merry Christmas Time Is Come!" Picardie, 1998 SATB (organ or piano) Full Score 5 no 1 copy of score        
130 The Merry Swiss Miss Polka DePue, 1994 Voice and piano Full Score 8 no 2 copies of score (1 with edits) The Polka Motion Band      
131 Miss Mary Tolbert, a God-send DePue? Monologue? 1 copy with editorial markings   no Monologue? Editorial comments included        
132 The Mocking Bird Folksong/Arr. W. DePue, Picardie, 1998 Select Voices or fidder and SSA (piano redux) Full Score 15 no 2 published copies (edits included on copies) Nick Mileti Richard Milburn, 1855 PC-11  
133 A Musical Play (R. Rogers, O. Hammerstein, and L. Riggs) DePue, 1991? Play 1 p/v score and 1 full score reduced   no     performance program attached    
134 My Lady Picardie, 2002 TTB or TBB voices a capella 1 score   no 1 clean score in cardboard   Song: Anon.    
135 My O, My Ohio! Picardie, 2003 (Two versions) Sop, Alto or Tenor Voice and Piano or SATB and Piano 1 score FOR EACH VERSION with original markings   no 1 score with markings of each version Song for the 2003 Ohio Bicentennial Edited by William Schwepe    
136 Neighborhood Scenes W. DePue (Jr.?) String Ensemble (Quintet?) and Male Singers (Tenor 1, 2 Baritone and Bass) Condensed Score and parts in manuscript 8 yes 1 score, and set of parts        
137 Nom Val Aqua Frottola W. DePue SATB Full Score 2 no 1 copy of score on vellum-like paper (fragile)        
138 The Mobile Picardie, 1999 For 12 voices in any combination sand foot stomping Full score and performance notes 6 no 6 copies (1 on manuscript)        
139 March and Conflict DePue Full Orchestra Full Score and parts   yes 2 copies of score (1 in original manuscript), 1 full set of parts, and some excerpts included Dr. Jeffrey Levin      
140 Melody for Trumpets DePue, 12/7/1956 Chamber Music (For 2 Cornets) Full Score and Parts 6 yes 1 Full Score and parts in original manuscipt        
141 "O Jesus, I Have Promised" (Arthur Mann) and"I Need Thee Every Hour" (Robert Lowry) Arr. W. DePue, 1992 SATB and Obbligato? part 1 yes Flute Obbligato part only        
142 O Magnum Mysterium DePue 1992, Picardie 2000 Double TTBB Men's Chorus 2 scores. 1 with original markings   no scores contain markings Samuel and Jean Larkin Edited by William Schwepe PC-50 2:45
143 "O Worship the King" From Psalm 104/arr. W. DePue SATB and Organ Full Score 6 no 1 Full Score   copy of Psalm 104 attached to score    
144 "O, Sing Unto the Lord!" Holy Bible/Picardie, 1998 Mixed Chorus (SATBB) and piano (reh) full score 6 no          
145 An Old-Fashioned (Country kind) of Christmas Picardie, 1996 *Ch. Music: 2 voices and violin (or, another treble instument) full score 3 no 1 full score only   *A jug accomp. that occurs on the beat may be joined by a washboard playing off the beat during the whole performance.    
146 On the Lake Made of Mirror… W. DePue, 1980 Ch. Music: Violin (or, Flute) Voice and Piano (or, Harpsichord) full score 13 no 1 full score Gene Dybdahl Text: Julie Dybdahl    
147 One DePue SATB Condensed Score and parts 3 no 1 condensed score (in original manuscript)   Email coorespondence attached    
148 One, for the Little Bitty Baby! Jubilee/arr. W. DePue Picardie 2000 SATB and opt piano (12 selected voices) 2 (1 original)   no 2 original clean copies in cardboard     PC-35  
149 One Hand, One Heart DePue ??? Unknown Full Score 3 no 1 Full Score in original manuscript        
150 One Little Light Picardie, 2000 SA Children's voices, and SATB humming chorus, and instruments Full Score   no 5 copies of score (1 in manuscript)   Edited: William P. Schwepe   1:35
151 The Only Bloomin' Woman in the Navy DePue Voice Full Score? 4 no 1 copy of score/part        
152 Open Your Eyes! DePue? Date: 8/17/2002 sketch: for voice? 1 page (mauscript)   no 1 oringal sketch in manuscript        
153 An Orchestral Passacaglia Picardie, 2006 Full Orchestra Full Score 27 no 2 full scores       5:51
154 Panis Angelicus C. Frank/Priceless Pub, 1994. Arr. W DePue Ch. Music: 4 Violins *part 1 yes **Only Violin 3 part is in set. Violin 1, 2 and 4 are missing. Edward and Ruth Goodman      
155 Passacaglia for Orchestra DePue Full Orchestra full score 28 no 2 bound copies of full score       11:00 (per, composer)
156 A Pentagram Dancing Picardie, 2000 Solo Violin and piano Full score and part   yes 4 copies of full score (1 in original manuscript) and 2 copies of violin part Dr. Paul Makera     5:10
157 "Please, Mr. Columbus Turn the Ship Around!" Ray Allan, Sam Saltzbery and Wandra Merrell (Romance Music & Ding Dong Music, 1962, renewals in 1990 and 1999)/Arr. W.DePue (Picardie, 1999) Tenor, Bass SATB and piano Score 15 no Multiple originals, and copies of scores (see collection) The Ohio Youth Choir, Charles Shyder, Director Letters of Coorespondence enclosed   3:42
158 A Poeme DePue, 10/18/56, 1993 High Voice (Soprano, or Tenor)and piano score   no 2 copies, one in original manuscript Lori Hagerman Poet: Unknown    
159 Poole's Lament (from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) Picardie, 1998 Solo Tenor and piano Full score   no 2 scores (1 in original manuscript)        
160 Potpouri: An Etude for Composition DePue Solo Piano part   yes 6 copies (1 on manuscript)   2 letters of coorespondence    
161 A Prayer to the Muse The Falcon/arr. DePue 2 Voices and Piano 2 (1 with markings, 1 original manuscript)   no 1 original manuscript and 1 copy with markings   Vocal 2 part (optional)   2:00
162 Prelude DePue, 1988 Solo Piano part 2 yes 1 copy of part Joe and Jerry Hunn?      
163 Prelude and A Dorian Dance DePue Full Orchestra full score and parts   yes *1 oversized score and full set of parts, 1 small score, 1 set of string of parts Michael Miller and The Toledo Youth Orchestra Program Notes and Letter of Coorespondence    
164 Prelude and An Etude for Large Hands DePue: 10/28/54 Solo Piano part 3 yes 1 part (Original manuscript)        
165 Prelude and Sarabande for String Orchestra Picardie, 1996 String Orchestra score and parts   yes 1 copy of score, and 3 sets of parts (originals and some manuscript parts included) Cathy McCambridge      
166 Presents DePue Voice and piano full score 4 no full score in original manuscript        
167 Psalm One DePue Mixed Chorus (SATB) and Organ full score and parts   yes 1 Full Score, and 1 set of percussion parts in original manuscript notation   Edited by I.T.    
168 Psalm 90 "Domaine Refugiur", Lord Thou Hast Been Our Refuge Picardie, 1997 SATB and Viola full score and parts   yes Full scores (2 manuscript, 2 bound copies, other multiple copies Dr. Floyd Faust      
169 Psalm 90 "Our Refuge" Picardie, 1997, 1999 SATB and Viola Conductor Score, Choral Score and Viola part   yes 4 full scores, 4 Viola parts, and 3 choral scores Dr. Floyd Faust      
170 Psalm 95, "O, Come Let Us Sing Unto the Lord!" Picardie, 2000 SATB with optional piano or organ full score     3 Full scores, 1 in manuscript copy Ted and Claudia Kallman Edited: William P. Schwepe    
171 Psalm 130, "Out of The Depths" 1989, Picardie, 1996 SATB and piano (reh) full score   no 5 Full scores, 2 in original manuscript, 2 published (old), 1 published (new) Dr. Samuel D. Edelman Program Notes and editorial markings on scores included   `
172 Psalm 145   Voice and piano? Excerpt only 1 no excerpt in original manuscript        
173 Psalm 146 DePue Three Voices score 1 no 1 copy of score/part Robert and Emily Guion   General or Thanksgiving  
174 Psalm 147 DePue Voice and piano? Excerpt only 1 no 1 excerpt in original manuscript        
175 Psalm 149 DePue, 1987, Picardie, 1999 Three Voices Scores   no 2 scores Howard and Bunny Brown   All Saints Day 0:37
176 Psalm 150, "Praise Ye The Lord", "Alleuia" Louis Lewandowski/Arr. W. DePue, Picardie, 2003 TTBB and Organ Scores   no 6 scores, 1 in original manuscript     Lewandowski Version of Arrangement enclosed in set  
177 Quiet Waters DePue SSATB Score 3 no 1 score on vellum-like paper   Text: Blanche Shoemaker-Wagstaff    
178 Red Cloud's Indian Prayer Picardie, 1999 Recorder (flute), SATB, pno (redux) rattles and bass drum Full score 8 yes Full scores: 1 in manuscript, 7 copies instrumental parts included Richard D. Mathey Poet: Red Cloud/Red Cloud's Prayer   3:45
179 Reilly's Daughter An Old irish Ballad/Arr. W. DePue, Picardie 1995 TTB (or, TBB) and piano full score 10 no 7 copies of score. *Bass drum (see in additonal notes) "Poor Kitty's Almanac," Hayfork, CA   *Note in score by composer: Consider improvising on a bass drum 3:00
180 Rejoice in the Lord DePue, Picardie 1998 SAT or B (organ or piano) full score   no multiple copies, 1 in original manusript and vellum-like paper First Methodist Church Choir and Dr. William S. Bailey     1:30
181 Rejoice This Day DePue SATBB and *piano part (reh) score 6 no *Piano part is separate from vocal score. 3 copies of each. Robert jennings Text: Francis Kindlemarsh    
182 Rhapsodie of Evil Overture from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde DePue Piano Score 1 part (original manuscript) 9 yes Specific musical notation (12 tone notes) on back of pg 9 by composer   2014 Award Recognition: Honorable Mention (See Honors and Awards)    
183 The Rhythm Clock DePue SATB score 5 no 1 copy of score Jeanne Momenee      
184 Ride the Chariot (tag) Jubilee/Arr. R. Boughman, trans. W De.Pue, 1989 SATB and piano (reh) full score   no 4 copies of score        
185 La Ronde Des Lutins Antonio Bozzini (1818-1897) Op. 25/Arr. We. DePue Solo Violin and Strings parts   yes 2 copies of Solo part, and 1 set of string parts        
186 The Rustler's Daughter (An Opera in 1/32 of an Act) Picardie, 2002 TTBB, Violin (or, piano) and Narrator full score and 1 part   no 4 scores (1 published original) markings included   Choral Editor: William P. Schwepe   3:10
187 Sasquatch on Tour for Orchestra Picardie, 1997 Full Orchestra full score and set of parts 33, 37 yes 2 full scores (one edited, one clean) 1 set of parts in bound score Jeffrey Levin     4:30
188 Saul DePue High Voice and piano full score 7 no 1 copy of score (Original manuscipt)        
189 Savior DePue, 1978 High Voice and piano full score 1 no 2 copies of score/part Vincent Corrigan and Family Program Notes included on scores. Also, handwritten notes/directions from the composer.    
190 Secretary's Song DePue Voice (A lot, ro Tenor?) and piano full score 4 no 1 copy of in original manuscript with edits from the composer.        
191 Senior Citizens, USA Herb Kallman/Arr. W. DePue, 1975 SATB and piano (reh) full score 2 no 3 copies of score (one in original mauscript) Dedicated to American Senior Citizens for America's Bicentennial 1976 Letter of coorespondence from publisher (Neil Kjos). Words and music by Herb Kallman. Reference of an arrangement score done by Dan Friberg included in this set.  
192 The Sensible Bird DePue SATB and Organ (or piano) 1 score (clean in cardboard) 48 no   Paul Stanbeny and The Hamiliton Symphony and Chorus      
193 Separation W. DePue, 1973 SATB div. a cappella and piano (reh only) full score 7 no 1 copy of orig. manuscript included. Copies of score on overhead material for study purposes. Sidney B. Johnson program notes from composer included    
194 Serenade DePue, 1979 Violin and Piano 1 score   no 1 copy with markings Edward and Rene Goodman Wedding      
195 *Seranade: For Violin and Wind Ensemble (From Legacy Concerto) DePue, 1979, Picardie 2000, 2008 *full orchestra. *Violin and piano version also included in set* full score and parts (2 violin parts) Also one piano score with original markings   yes 2 Orch scores, 1 Violin/piano score Edward and Noreen Goodman Program notes and Monologue (3 copies) included   3:30
196 Sicilienne (In the style of Francoeur) F. Kreisler (Arr. W. DePue), 1994 Ch. Music: For 3 Violins 1 score and 1 set of parts   yes          
197 The Sigma Phi Nothing Song W. DePue, 1988 voice and piano lead sheet 1 no 1 copy        
198 Silver Bells W. DePue, 1962 SSAATTBB and piano (reh) full score   no 5 full scores   Text by Edgar Allan Poe    
199 Sleep, Holy Babe DePue SATB full score   no 2 copies (1 in original manuscript)   Text: Edward Caswell    
200 Soli Deo Gloria (to The Glory of God) DePue 1989, Picardie 1998 SATB full score   no 7 scores in total Capital Univ. Chapel Choir Program Notes and Letter of Coorespondence included    
201 Something Special DePue, 1975 Opera: For Barbershop chorus and quartets full score and libretto   no 1 full score and libretto included In honor of The American Bicentennial, and Dedicated to The Maumee Valley Seaway Commanders Chorus      
202 Sonata Lycanthrope DePue, Picardie 2000 Solo piano part   yes 4 copies of part Gregory Kosteck Timings of each mvt. Inlcuded in parts    
203 Sonatina for Solo Piano DePue, 1994 Solo Piano part 2 yes 1 copy of part        
204 A Song of Faith (Praise) Psalm 25/W. DePue 1974, 1989 For Tenor, Bass and Organ full score   no 4 copies of score (2 in original manuscript) Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kallman Text taken from The Holy Bible    
205 A Song of Love W. DePue High Voice and piano score   no 1 copy in original manuscript   Text: Lord Byron    
206 Statement of Faith W. DePue, 1974 SATB and Organ full score 12 no 3 copies (1 in original manuscript) Park Congregational Hurch Choir, Toledo, OH. Oliver Chamberlain, Director Program Notes included    
207 Tears W. DePue SSATB score 1 no 1 copy of score on vellum-like paper (fragile)   text: Alfred Lord Tennyson    
208 Telugu Song (leader with unison voices) Indian Melody/Arr. DePue Song Leader and unison voices a cappella in Telugu, or in English score   no 2 copies        
209 Tractor Pull DePue, 1995 Solo Voice and piano score   no 2 copies of score (1 in original manuscript) To The National Tractor Pull Assoc. Copy of original lyrics on paper provided by composer    
210 Traumerei R. Schumann/Arr. W. DePue Clarinet Choir full score only   no 1 copy of score in original manuscript        
211 Three Biblical Psalms Psalm 143, 146, 149/W. DePue, Picardie 1999 For 3 voices score   no 1 published score (copy) Mary Fuelber Holy Bible   timings for each mvt included in score
212 Three Organ Preludes DePue, 1985 Solo Organ part 5 yes 1 copy of part        
213 Three Part Invention in E Major for keyboard DePue keyboard/piano part 1 no original manuscript part (oversized)        
214 Three Part Invention in G minor DePue keyboard/piano part 1 no original manuscript part (oversized)        
215 Three Songs of Separation: Over Yondro, Mr. Rabbit, Johnny has gone for a Soldier Folksongs/Arr. Wllace DePue 1989, Picardie Baritone Voice and Piano Accomp. score *1 no 1 full set of scores for song cycle, 1 extra score of song No. 3 Paul Sahuc Folk Songs   program notes included in score
216 Trilogy (God is Light) DePue SATB a capella (piano, reh) score *8 no 7 sets, 1 set on vellum-like paper R.S. The Holy Bible God is Light, God is Love, God is Power 5:00
217 Trilogy (God is Light) Picardie Court, 1999 SATB a capella (piano, reh) score 1 no 1 set   The Holy Bible Catalogue# PC-22: God is Light, God is Love, God is Power 3:30
218 Trio DePue Ch. Music: Violin, Viola and VC score 1 no original manuscript score: 3 pages (unfinished?)        
219 The True Story of the Three Little Pigs W. DePue, 2002 Small Cast and Piano 2 in total: 1 bound score with markings and 1 copy score in sections         Note on cover of bound score: Xmas song lyrics    
220 Two Part Invention in C Major DePue Solo Piano part 1 no original manuscript part        
221 Two Part Invention in G Major DePue Solo Piano part 1 no original manuscript part (oversize)        
222 Variations for Harpsichord DePue, 1982 Solo Harpsichord part 1 no 1 bound part w/markings        
223 Variations Corriganesques for Piano W. DePue, 1982 Piano 1 part (original working set) in plastic 10   2 original manuscript scores (1 short, 2 long)   Specific notes and performing codes included by composer    
224 Variations on a Russian Theme American Composers Edition, Inc (Facsimile Ed.) Solo Piano part 1 no 1 bound part Owen Jorgensen      
225 Velvet DePue: Oct. 12, 1956 Solo Piano part 1 no original manuscipt part        
226 The Vision of Daniel DePue SATB a capella (piano, reh) score   no many copies of score. Some markings in scores.        
227 University High School Alma Mater DePue Mixed Voices score   no 1 copy of score        
228 Waiting for Christmas DePue Voice and Piano score   no 1 copy w/markings       55 seconds
229 Water Boy Avery Robinson (arr. DePue) 1987 Solo Baritone, TTBB and Piano score   no 1 copy Elouise Walker      
230 The Watermelon Man DePue SATB, piano and narration score   no 1 copy Neil Kjos Jr.   Narration and piano is optional  
231 We All Believe (In One True God) DePue, Picardie Court, 2002 SATB/organ score   no 2 scores: 1original manuscript w/sketches and 1 copy with markings (Picardie)   Text by Martin Luther, Music: Wallace DePue PC-84, Edited by William P. Schwepe 4:30, 4:50
232 We Are One (America's Day of Wrath) Picardie Court, 2002 SATB (piano redux) score   no 2 copies of score (edits included)   Based on Dies Irae/Poet: unknown Catalogue# PC-69, Edited by William Schwepe 2:50
233 What Do I Mean When I… DePue, 1976 Voice (A Round) score   no 1 copy Those Who Love to be a Round      
234 When Christmas Comes Too Early W. DePue, 1992 For voice and any appropriate instruments 1 score with original markings 2 no Instruments scored in version: Flute and B flat Clarinet        
235 When It's Christmas Time DePue 4 Violins and Voice score   no original manuscript score        
236 When It's Christmas Time DePue Obligato, Voice and Continuo score   no original manuscript        
237 When It's Christmas Time DePue, 1990 Soprano, Tenor and Bass score   no 1 score, 1 copy w/markings The McFauls      
238 When It's Christmas Time DePue, 1993 Voice and Piano score   no 1 copy w/markings Kenneth Wendrich      
239 When We Stay Late DePue, 1994 Tenor and Bass score   no with markings Karen Shell      
240 The Winter Rose DePue SATB score   no 1 score with markings        
241 The Winter Rose Picardie Court, 2001 SATB and piano (optional) score   no 2 copies of score with markings St. Petri Church Lutheran Church, Toledo, OH, Ann Doerfler, Director   Cat# PC-67, Edited by William Schwepe 2:18
242 With Findley, Bachmann and Palin DePue Voice, Bb instruments and piano (optional) score   no 1 original, 1 copy with markings     Editorial instructions when specific instumentation is used (or, not) included on score.  
243 WOOF! (to kids of all ages) Picardie Court, 1999 Voice (Children's Chorus) score   no          
244 The Whale Race: Sound Composition DePue For Precussion: sound composition 2 original scores (long score and alt. shorter score) original manuscript w notes   yes percussion   Code for Whale Race sounds included w/part    
245 The Words of Saint Francis DePue For High Voice and Piano (keyboard) 1 part with markings in keyboard part 2            
246 Wouldn't You Like To? DePue, 1988 Mixed Chorus (Treble Voices and Men) score   no 3 copies (analysis of work and written notes on paper included)        
247 Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones DePue SATB and piano (reh) score   no copy and original manuscript (includes sketches and markings)        
248 Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones Picardie Court, 1999 Adaption by Athstan Riley, 1906 (arr. W. DePue) SSAATTBB and piano (reh) score   1 1 copy   Text by Issac Watts (1719) based on Psalm 117 Cat# PC-31 *see additional musical notes on score 2:45
249 Program Season Hamilton Fairfield Symphony Orchestra: American Masters Concert: Music Composed by Wallace DePue March 5, 2006 March 5: Serenade: Jason DePue, violin; Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra (World Premiere); "A Call from Home" Jason DePue, violin; The Bird, Frog and Tree Club (World Premiere) Alison Acord, soprano; "Gimme That Old Time Religion" arr. DePue program   1          
250 Programs Michigan Music Teachers Association: Piano Teachers Forum of Grand Rapids Local Artists Recital: Sunday October 12, 2008 8pm DePue: The Fiddler and the Dragon (Michigan Music Teachers Commissioned Composer Composition program   1          
251 Honors and Awards DePue Opera: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 2014 Boston International Contemporary Festival (Honorable Mention)              
252 Honors and Awards DePue Opera: Something Special 2014 Boston International Contemporary Festival (Recipient of the BMO Merit Award)              
253 The David L. Belew American Masters Series: Series 5 The music of Wallace DePue and other selected works Selected Works CD   no 1 copy   Tri State Productions: Recorded on March 5, 2006 2 disc set: liner notes included Performers: Alison Acord, soprano, John Lawson, tenor, Zachary dePue, violin, The Hamilton-Fairfield Symphony Orch and Chorale, The Great Miami Youth Symphony Orchestra, Paul Stanbery, Music Director and Conductor, The Winston Woods High School Varsity Ensemble, David M. Bell, Conductor, Robert M. Harrington, Associate Conductor