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Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections Staff

Leslie M. Van Veen McRoberts – Head of Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections

Leslie McRobertsLeslie Van Veen McRoberts joined the MSU Libraries as the Head of the Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections in 2019. Previously she was the Local History Archivist at the Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture at Salisbury University, and as a Processing Archivist at both the Walter Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs, and the Eastern Michigan University Archives. She is active in the archival and rare book communities with interests around collection development and organizational leadership. She has a Master of Science in Historic Preservation with a Historic Administration concentration from Eastern Michigan University (2008), a Master of Library and Information Science and a Graduate Certificate in Archival Administration from Wayne State University (2012).

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Kristine Baclawski – Reading Room Coordinator

Kris Baclawski  has been a part of the MSU Libraries since 1978, first as a student assistant in the Vet Clinic and Science Libraries.  In 1982, she joined the paraprofessional library staff in Acquisitions and moved to Interlibrary Loan in 1985.  She came to Special Collections in 2001, where she has assisted reading room patrons, trained and supervised students, copy-catalogs new serials and helps to maintain the online catalog.  Most of her duties currently revolve around the Reading Room request system, AEON, to ensure our patrons have their materials when they arrive.  

A three time Spartan alumna, Kris has degrees in Interdisciplinary Humanities, Educational Systems Design, and Rehabilitation Counseling.

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Joshua Barton – Head of Cataloging, Assistant Head of Technical Services and Zine Librarian

Joshua Barton joined MSU Libraries in 2007. He has served as Serials Catalog Librarian and Head of Copy Cataloging and currently serves as Head of Cataloging and Assistant Head of Technical Services at MSU Libraries. He is also the Zine Librarian for Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections. He is active in the zine librarian and archivist community, with special interest in ethical issues in zine cataloging and collecting. He has an MSI with specializations in libraries and archives and a BA in Philosophy, both from the University of Michigan.

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Leslie M. Behm – Special Projects Librarian

Leslie M. BehmLeslie Behm joined the MSU Libraries staff in 1978 as a Science Librarian. In 1982, she became Head of the Clinical Center Library and divided her time between there and the Science Library. In 1984 she became Head of the Veterinary Clinical Center Library and split her time between the two branch libraries.

In 2009, Leslie joined the staff of Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections to work on special projects. She is responsible for Little Cookbooks: The Alan & Shirley Brocker Sliker Culinary Collection and the MSU Libraries' Archives. She received her Bachelor's degree in Biology from Heidelberg College (1976) and her MSLS from Case Western Reserve University (1977) with an emphasis on medical librarianship. She also has a MPH in Epidemiology from University of Michigan (1996) and a MS in Education from Capella University (2010).

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Tad Boehmer – Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections Cataloger

Tad BoehmerTad Boehmer joined the MSU Libraries in September 2017 as Special Collections Cataloger within the Cataloging and Metadata Services unit. In November 2018, Tad became Curator of Rare Books in Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections, where he continues his work as a cataloger. Before coming to MSU, Tad worked as a graduate assistant and project cataloger at the Rare Book & Manuscript Library at the University of Illinois. Tad holds a BA in Art History and Classics from Grinnell College. From the University of Illinois he received an MLS as well as an MA in Religious Studies. His research interests include the life and work of P.G. Wodehouse, and the publication and uses of almanacs from the 15th century to the present.

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Ruth Ann Jones – Instruction/Outreach Librarian

Ruth Ann’s professional interests include teaching with primary sources, innovative outreach, and issues around decolonizing special collections and archives. Areas of the collection she works with most frequently include Radicalism, Popular Culture, LGBTQ+ Studies and Ethnic Studies. Ruth Ann has an MS in Library and Information Science and a certificate in Special Collections Librarianship, both from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and recently completed training to become a facilitator of Visual Thinking Strategies conversations. Ruth Ann joined the MSU Libraries in 1990, and joined the Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections in 2015. Previously at MSU she was a reference librarian, digital production manager, and cataloger.

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Elisa Landaverde – Special Collections LGBTQ+ Librarian

Elisa Landaverde joined Special Collections in 2016 to assist processing archival and manuscript collections, and became the curator for the LGBTQ+ collection in 2018. Their collection responsibilities include building, processing, and promoting the LGBTQ+ collection. As part of their role in Special Collections they support research by assisting with reference queries, and material needed for course instruction.

Prior to joining MSU, Elisa worked at the Oriental Institute in Chicago, and the Center for Research Libraries. They also spent time volunteering at photography archives, first at the Penn Museum Archives in Philadelphia, and later at the Oriental Institute’s Research Archives. Elisa received their MLIS degree from Drexel University and Bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies from Bryn Mawr College.

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Andrew Lundeen – Digital Projects Librarian

Andrew LundeenAndrew Lundeen joined the MSU Libraries in 2013, working part-time in Special Collections before taking a full-time position with the Turfgrass Information Center in 2015. In August 2020, he rejoined Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections as Digital Projects Librarian, while maintaining a secondary appointment in TIC.

Andrew received his Master of Science in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with a focus in Data Curation and Special Collections Librarianship. Andrew also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, with minors in Philosophy and Classical Studies.

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Sarah Mainville – Media Preservation Librarian

She leads and supports efforts to preserve both analog and digital media within the Library as well as develop policy around digital preservation. She received her MSI from the University of Michigan’s School of Information. After school she was the Registrar at an international audiovisual digitization vendor. Her interests include digital preservation advocacy, magnetic tape care, and ethics in preservation.

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Andrea Salazar McMillan – Chicanx & Latinx Studies Librarian

Andrea McMillan joined the Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections in 2019 as the Chicanx & Latinx Studies Librarian. Her work focuses on curating the César Chávez browsing collection, the Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections Latino Collection, and the José F. Treviño Chicano/Latino Activism archival collection. She is Core Faculty in the Chicano & Latino Studies Program and serves as the faculty representative for the Chicanx/Latinx Association (ChiLA) on campus. Andrea earned her BA in English from Michigan State University (2012), and MLIS from Wayne State University (2018).

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Randall Scott – Special Collections Librarian and Comic Art Bibliographer

He began building the Michigan State University Comic Art Collection in 1974.  In 1976 he went to Columbia University in the City of New York, to get an MS in Library Service, so that he might return to Michigan State University with better access to what was then a very new aspect of librarianship: Computers. He began cataloging for the Library in 1977, and has never stopped.  He switched to doing mostly comics in about 2001 when it became clear that the collection was exploding in size and usefulness to scholars. 

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Nora Sleasman – Preservation Technician

Nora Sleasman began working for the MSU Libraries while a student at MSU. After graduating with a BA in Arts & Letters, she began working as a full time staff member in Serials Acquisitions. Since then she has worked in various units within the Libraries including Information-Reference, Conservation, Preservation and beginning in 2014 the Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections. Nora is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling.

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J. Garrett Sumner – Conservation Librarian

Garrett Sumner joined MSU Libraries in 2019 as the Conservation Librarian and is responsible for the conservation of rare books and other fragile materials from the Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections. He holds an MA Conservation Studies with a specialization in Book and Library Materials from West Dean College (UK), an MLIS from Pratt Institute and a BA Latin American Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has previously held positions at Lambeth Palace Library in London, the State Archives of North Carolina, and Barnard College Library.

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Dr. Lydia Tang – Special Collecitons Archivist

Dr. Lydia Tang has been the Archivist of the Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections at Michigan State University since 2015. Previously, she was an archivist at the Library of Congress and held numerous graduate positions at the University of Illinois, where she received her MLIS and Doctor of Musical Arts degree, including the American Library Association Archives, the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music, and the Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Passionate about accessibility and disability representation in archives, she spearheaded founding the Society of American Archivists’ (SAA) Accessibility & Disability Section and served on the Task Force to Revise Best Practices on Accessible Archives for People with Disabilities. She is the 2020 recipient of SAA’s Mark A. Greene Emerging Leader Award and was recognized in three SAA Council resolutions as a co-founder of the Archival Workers Emergency Fund, for spearheading the Accessibility & Disability Section’s “Archivists at Home” document, and for the “Guidelines for Accessible Archives for People with Disabilities.” She also has served in multiple leadership capacities within ArchivesSpace governance, as the chair of the Users Advisory Council and leader/co-leader of multiple subteams.

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Dayna Topalian – Processing Manager and Student Supervisor

Dayna has worked at the Libraries since 2013, when she started in the Wallace Conservation Lab. She has an English degree from MSU and is currently pursuing the BA-MA program in Philosophy. Her academic interests are in epistemology and distrust. Her particular Special Collections interests are the Radicalism collection and materials related to the 1990s. Dayna assists with outreach and curates exhibits. She is the acting student supervisor and welcomes contact from students seeking employment.

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Agnes Haigh Widder – Humanities Bibliographer

Agnes Haigh Widder, Humanities Bibliographer, is responsible for the British history/studies, French studies except Africa, medieval/Renaissance/early modern studies, and religious studies collections for the MSU Libraries' main stacks.  She contributes to the mission of the Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections by adding to and improving our Libraries' entries in the ESTC and ISTC databases.  These record cataloging and library location information for early English books (ESTC) and incunables (ISTC).  She collects early modern conduct literature for SPC and assists with building our representative English and European history and literature collections.  She is most interested in English early modern and Victorian period writings: by, for, and about women, about travel and places, and about conduct, cookery, gardening, childhood, household management, and books and reading. We have a small collection about Princess Diana, also of interest.

Agnes has been a librarian for MSU Libraries since 1979.  She received her A.M.L.S. from University of Michigan School of Library Science (1976), her B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan University (1975), and her M.A. in history from MSU (1984).

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Mary Jo Zeter – Latin American and Caribbean Studies Bibliographer

Mary Jo Zeter is responsible for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the MSU Libraries. She is contributing to the mission of the Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections by acquiring and providing bibliographic access to popular materials from Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula and Italy. These  include comic books and graphic novels, as well as representative selections of alternative press publications from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, such as the popular “cartonera” books and handmade artists books of Matanzas, Cuba. Mary Jo also identifies and acquires additional resources from or about her areas of responsibility that fall within the collecting priorities of  the Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections. She is, for example, actively engaged in strengthening a “Cookery of the Americas” collection with acquisitions from Latin America and the Caribbean.

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