Michigan State University

Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections Instruction

Working with primary sources is a valuable experience for undergraduate students!

Like all faculty, librarians from the Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections are re-thinking our usual practices to protect everyone’s health and yet make it possible for students to benefit from our unique collections.

In Fall 2020, class instruction can only be provided virtually. All classrooms and event spaces in the Main Library will be used for regular meetings of hybrid and in-person courses.

We can provide synchronous and/or asynchronous online instruction. Document cameras can be used to allow close examination of artifacts, and materials can be scanned to allow comparison and discussion. Scanning will have to be done selectively: we will not have the capacity to scan – for example – entire books or entire boxes of archival holdings.

The Reading Room will be open by appointment only, and we will be required to quarantine materials for five days after use. Students will not be able to work at the same table or share materials. (The five-day quarantine does not apply if a user returns to consult the same items they worked with earlier. But, five days must pass before anyone else can use those items.)

Given these limitations, if you wish to assign students use Special Collections in person, it may work best to identify specific item(s) for each student or a list from which each student may choose. We are ready to select appropriate items or assemble material for you to preview.

To allow time for scanning material and developing online activities, we must have at least three weeks’ notice (21 calendar days) to prepare your session, and we will stop taking requests on Friday, September 18, 2020.

We may also need to limit the number of sessions we commit to, although this is a last resort. Please wait until you have confirmation from a Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections librarian before telling your students about the session. Please contact Ruth Ann Jones if you have not had a response to this request within two business days!



Updated 3 August 2020