Michigan State University

Ku Klux Klan Collection

Since the acquisition of materials from the estate of a Michigan Klan member over a decade ago, this collection has grown in size and quality. Most of the primary items in the collection date from the 1920's and 1930's, a period of growth in the Klan's history. Constitutions, installation ceremonies, advertisements for Klan merchandise, and the role of women in the Klan are all included from this period. There are also of the Kourier, the official monthly magazine of the Knights of the KKK. (A full run of this title is on microfilm in the Microfilm Library, 3rd floor West). The collection features a number of secondary studies of the Klan, as well as the research materials used by Wyn Wade in his book, The Fiery Cross (1987). In 1994, a large collection of United Klans of America material was added to these holdings.