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All students, staff, and faculty must scan their MSU ID to access the MSU Library building between 10:00 pm – 7:30 am on Sunday - Thursday.

Print Course Packs

examples of reading materials for students

Very often, a course will need essential readings for students' review. While the MSU Libraries' subscriptions to electronic content is ever-increasing, not all needed material is available electronically. For faculty seeking to include readings from hardcopy works, we will:

  • Retrieve the book from our holdings, if we have it, or process an interlibrary loan request on your behalf
  • Perform high-quality scanning of the selections you require, and clean up any stray marks

When the content needed in print is authored by you, we prefer to receive PDF files of the content. Refer to our page on using FileDepot for more information.

Once we have a PDF file ready for printing, we will produce a proof copy - a one-off copy for your review to correct any printing errors or make any last-minute edits. This print proof can be picked up at our offices in the Main Library, or we can have it delivered to a departmental office of your choice. Any changes can be made before committing the pack to the full printing run.