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Request an Information Literacy Instruction Session

Before scheduling an Information Literacy Instruction Session, please keep some things in mind:

  • Please give us a two week notice before your first choice session. This allows us to adequately prepare for your students.
  • Please schedule your Information Literacy Instruction Session so that it coincides with your students' research assignment. We are most helpful at the students' point of need.
  • Please be flexible in your schedule. We will try to honor your first choice for a session but this isn't always possible as we are scheduling your colleagues as well.
  • We recommend using one full class time (1 hour 50 minutes or 1 hour 20 minutes depending on the class) for an Information Literacy Instruction Session. This allows your students to fully engage with new concepts and new methods.
  • Submit your syllabus and assignment to libinstr@lib.msu.edu In order to ensure maximum effectiveness for the students, we tailor our sessions to address their immediate research needs. If the students will not be working on a research assignment at the time of the scheduled library session, we strongly suggest rescheduling the session.

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