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Meeting Spaces

Policies & Procedures

The Main Library maintains a variety of rooms for use by MSU students, faculty and staff. These include group study rooms on 2 and 3 West, Collaborative Technology Labs, and four instruction rooms.

Main Library Green Room and Conference Rooms (4 West):

The Green Room is an all-purpose room for events and activities related to the promotion of the Libraries' collections and services. For a nominal fee, it can be reserved for other MSU events or workshops on a case-by-case basis. Here are details on setup and fee options. This room is not available to the general public. Inquiries should be directed to Leanne Sandoval.

The Conference Rooms on the 4th Floor are for staff use only.

For other queries about the use of Main Library rooms, contact Leanne Sandoval.

Collaborative Technology Labs:

The Collaborative Technology Labs (CTLs) may be reserved by MSU students, faculty and staff with a valid MSU NetID and password using the online reservation system or the touch screens outside each room. These rooms are designed to accommodate collaborative, academic group work. Anyone using these rooms in a manner other than the intended purpose will be asked to leave and blocked from making future reservations.

  • Reservations are required using the Online Reservation System and can be made up to 30 days in advance. Walk-ins are allowed only if the room is not in use. Phone reservations are not allowed.
  • If you no longer need the room, cancel your reservation using the link in the confirmation email message. You must cancel to avoid being marked as a No Show. After 5 No Shows, you will be blocked and unable to reserve any rooms.
  • MSU ID is required to check into the reserved room.
  • The person who reserved the room must check-in at the nearest service desk within 15 minutes of reserved starting time or the reservation will be canceled by library staff. Vacant rooms will be made available for others to reserve.
  • You may check into the room up to 30 minutes in advance of your reservation if the room is not in use.
  • Please return all checked out materials that are associated with the rooms to the nearest service desk at end of reservation to avoid accruing fines.
  • The person who reserves the room may be held responsible for any missing or damaged equipment or furniture.

Group Study Rooms:

  • Group Study Rooms in the Main Library are available on a first-come, first served basis.
  • These areas are intended for group study or collaborative work, and some may be reserved for individual study. Groups of up to 10 people may use the rooms.
  • While the rooms are designed to support collaborative work and normal conversation is allowed, noise levels must not rise to the point of being disruptive to other patrons. Library staff may ask you to lower your voices if the noise level is too high. Failure to comply may result in a removal from the library.
  • Sleeping in group study rooms is not permitted. If students are found sleeping on the floor or on the furniture in the rooms, they may be asked to vacate the rooms.
  • Group Study Rooms are not meant to be occupied 24 hours a day by the same individual or group of students. Small appliances, bedding, air mattresses, and additional lamps or lights are not permitted. If occupied rooms need to be cleaned, you may be asked to vacate the room to allow janitorial staff to enter. Stockpiled food is also strongly discouraged because it attracts rodents. Students found to be 'camping' in a room for more than 24 hrs may be asked to leave if violations of these rules occur.

Main Library Instruction Rooms (Beaumont West, Beal, Red Cedar West, REAL):

The instruction rooms in the Main Library are intended for the primary use by librarians and other library staff to teach classes related to the primary mission and goals of the Libraries. Faculty interested in having their classes meet in the Main Library for purposes of instruction should contact their subject liaison or the Teaching & Learning unit to discuss how instruction in the Main Library can help integrate information literacy and research instruction into their course. Librarians can suggest a variety of ways to construct a session that will meet your goals. Instruction rooms are heavily used across the course of each semester, so faculty are encouraged to contact their librarian early in the semester in order to secure a date.

When the Beaumont West classroom is not being used for instruction, it is available for individual student or small group use on a first-come, first-served basis as computer lab spaces.