Michigan State University

Welcome to the Michigan State University Libraries - A Letter from the Director

Cliff Haka, Director of MSU Libraries

The 21st century MSU Libraries are a far cry from the silent, imposing image of libraries of the past.  The Libraries, as the academic heart of campus, have become a hub for collaboration and an incubator of ideas.  Whether you visit the Libraries in person or access them remotely, you will quickly see that the Libraries have moved ‘beyond the book’ toward new ways to identify, access and manipulate information.

Library professionals are master collaborators, able to see new connections across disciplines.  Librarians are trained to find the best information in a tidal wave of resources.  From faculty to graduate students and even to the first year student, librarians can empower users to not only search efficiently, but also find valuable resources from a wide variety of sources, and often in disciplines that are not traditionally connected.

Librarians also provide guidance and assistance with the utilization of a myriad of resources and facilitate the use of new technologies.   Assistance with data curation, text-mining , GIS systems, data visualization, big data manipulation are but a few of the areas where expert librarians play an important role at Michigan State.

While some of our users may only experience the Libraries’ resources through our global 24/7 online access, coming to the Library provides a wide-variety of additional opportunities, such as large scale 3-D printing, plotters, collaborative technology labs and in-house access to rare treasurers from a Shakespeare folio to an early Batman comics.

The MSU Libraries continue to build collections of distinction, including Voice, Africana, Turfgrass, Popular Culture and now Gaming, while providing a wide-array of services.  I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide-range of resources and services that the MSU Libraries provide.  Your scholarship, however directed, will be enhanced as a result.

Clifford H. Haka
Director of Libraries