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We are excited to announce that we have moved to a new catalog. The old catalog will no longer be available beginning October 1st.

Please report any problems you may experience to Discovery Services by calling (517) 353-8700 or by filling out our feedback form.

Note: Borrowing from other Michigan libraries through MeLCat continues to be suspended until further notice.

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Welcome to the Michigan State University Libraries

Joseph A. Salem, Jr. Ph.D. Dean of University Libraries

It is my sincerest hope that all feel welcome at Michigan State University Libraries, the intellectual center of the nation's first land-grant university.

The MSU Libraries are partners in the teaching, learning, research, and engagement missions of Michigan State University. We collaborate with MSU staff and faculty to help students develop the critical thinking skills necessary to navigate an increasingly complicated information landscape, skills which will benefit their academic, personal, and eventually professional lives. We engage with faculty to facilitate cutting-edge research to solve the world’s most complex problems. We reach out to MSU communities, to teach from our collections and resources, and to learn from their stories.

The complexity of that information landscape is clear when one considers the great variety of resources that we manage, collect, and in many cases, create. We continue to collect books in print ranging from a rare Shakespeare folio to complete runs of significant comic book titles. That rich landscape also includes e-books, e-journals, audio and video, digital archives from our unique holdings in Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong Special Collections, and digital projects using sound, images, and data from our holdings to create new forms of scholarship.

As the information environment has become more complex, the MSU Libraries have emerged as a revitalized intellectual center on campus. The recently developed Digital Scholarship Lab is an innovative 21st century service illustrating the library we strive to become. This state-of-the-art lab combines an immersive 360-degree video lab with technology designed to foster creation and collaboration. Faculty and students partner with librarians in the space to learn the technology, complete assignments and explore new areas of scholarship.

The core of our mission is creating an inclusive environment which encourages intellectual discovery. We strive to be the intellectual center of campus where all who engage with us in the libraries, in the classroom, or online feel encouraged to explore their intellectual curiosity and know that we travel with them in their intellectual journey at Michigan State.

Joseph A. Salem, Jr., Ph.D.
Dean of University Libraries