Michigan State University

Replacement Bill


Replacement Billing Policies

When an item is significantly overdue, the borrower is billed for replacement and MSU Library borrowing privileges are suspended. Holds are also placed on MSU student enrollment, registration, diplomas, and transcripts, which remain until material is returned, replaced, or paid for. Unresolved bills may be turned over to a collection agency any time after thirty days. See complete Lending Policies and Borrower Responsibilities.

  • IF YOU HAVE THE MATERIAL, RETURN IT TO CANCEL THE BILL. Within a few days after the billed items are returned, the enrollment/transcript holds for MSU students will be removed.
  • TO HAVE A HOLD CANCELED IMMEDIATELY, please bring the billed material to the Main Library Patron Services Desk and request that the hold be removed. Any overdue fines must still be paid to restore your library borrowing privileges.
  • To renew billed material, please bring it to the Patron Services Desk in the Main library or a branch; it cannot be renewed online. NOTE: MeLCat and ILLiad billed items cannot be renewed.
  • If the material is lost, you may provide a replacement (often significantly less expensive than the billed amount) or pay the bill.

    NOTE: Payment cannot be made at branch libraries.

    • Do not buy a replacement without asking us, as it may be refused if it does not meet our guidelines. If you wish to replace lost material, please e-mail lib.circadm@msu.edu (or call (517) 884-1946). We will locate the least expensive, acceptable copy at an online bookstore and e-mail you the link so that you may order it quickly.
    • If you prefer to pay the bill, you have several options:
      1. Call (517) 355-2333 to charge it to Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover
      2. Mail a check made out to MSU to:  Accounts, Patron Services, MSU Libraries, 366 W. Circle Dr, East Lansing MI 48824
      3. Pay in person at the Main Library Patron Services Desk with cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover
  • REFUNDS: If a paid-for item is returned within ninety days of payment, and the library has not yet bought a new copy, the billed amount minus a $15 handling fee will be refunded by check. No refunds will be issued more than ninety days after payment. Refunds cannot be issued if library material is found after a replacement copy has been supplied (or after we have ordered a replacement copy). If you find the lost material after providing a replacement (or after it has been re-ordered), you may keep the library copy. Please bring it to the Main Library Patron Services Desk to have it stamped "withdrawn" so it no longer appears to be MSU Library material.
  • Questions? Contact the Main Library Patron Services Operations Supervisor by phone at (517) 884-1946 or lib.circadm@msu.edu.