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Act 312 (1969) Arbitration Awards and Fact Finding Reports Collection

This is a collection of Michigan public sector arbitration decisions held at the Gast Business Library at Michigan State University. This collection includes the following types of decisions issued under the authority of the Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC):

  • Act 312 Awards: Arbitration decisions made pursuant to the Compulsory Arbitration Act ("Act 312") which provides for the compulsory, binding arbitration of labor-management disputes involving public safety employees.
  • Fact Finding Reports: Arbitration decisions made pursuant to the Public Employment Relations Act which grants all public employees within the state of Michigan, excluding classified civil service employees of the state and federal government, the right to organize and be represented by labor organizations of their choice.

Please note that grievance arbitration awards are not included in this collection. Grand Valley State University has a select collection of Michigan grievance arbitration awards.

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