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The Gerald M Kline Digital and Multimedia Center, including the Vincent Voice Library, is on 4 West of the Main Library. Collections and staff offices are accessed from the DMC/VVL service desk. The unit telephone number is (517)884-6470.


Gerald M Kline Digital and Multimedia Center
Main Library Building
Michigan State University
366 W. Circle Drive
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 884-6470


Laura Carter - Imaging Supervisor
Laura trains and supervises student work in a variety of duties relating to imaging and unit operations using detailed procedures and provides detailed information and assistance to library users in an automated environment.

Michael Laney - Media Digitization and Metadata Specialist
Michael works extensively with Vincent Voice Library new acquisitions, including digitizing vintage analog recordings and creating detailed metadata information for item level cataloging.  He is also responsible for audio/visual support of MSU Library special programs and serving as a recording engineer.

Lucas Mak - Librarian
Lucas generates metadata for past and future digital projects covering a variety of media types. Works collaboratively with staff across the unit, the Library and the University on services and projects that depend upon metadata for success.

Cecilia Malilwe - Copyright Permissions Coordinator
Cecilia consults with MSU faculty, staff, students and other affiliates concerning copyright permissions issues; searches for rights holders and brokers copyright permission agreements.

Grace Morris - Imaging/Digitization Specialist
Grace is a client/account representative and is responsible for digitzation standards and practices, project management and quality control.

Shawn Nicholson - Librarian
As Head, Shawn oversees the daily operations of the Gerald M Kline Digital and Multimedia Center, which includes the Vincent Voice Library. Provides leadership for digital projects, setting priorities and goals for new and existing projects.

Rick Peiffer - Unit Engineer
Rick's duties include design and support of all DMC/VVL media systems and audio and video restoration and production.

John Shaw - Supervisor
John's duties include supervision of DMC/VVL support staff and student assistants; line management of operations, collections and services.