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The DMC multimedia collection features computer software packages, laserdiscs, videocassettes, DVDs, audio cassettes, and audio CDs. There are about 10,000 items, acquired as purchases or gifts, over the past forty years.

The collection is eclectic by design and includes educational media covering a wide-range of subjects. Strong areas of emphasis can be found in the liberal arts and social sciences. The collection includes documentary and instructional video, spoken work audio recordings, feature films on video and computer instruction packages, learning aids, simulations, models, games and tutorials.

Multimedia Collection materials circulate for seven days with a $1.00 per day fine for overdue titles. Recalls, holds, and renewals are not offered.

The DMC Multimedia Collection is housed in a staff-only area and access to materials is available at the unit service desk on 4 West of the Main Library. Equipment to support the use of all materials (video, audio, computer software) is available on-site in the DMC Media Lab.

Please contact Mike Laney ((517) 884-8983; laneymic@msu.edu) if you have questions concerning the DMC Multimedia Collection and available services.