Michigan State University

SuDocs Call Number Quiz

This quiz is designed to reinforce your knowledge of the basic rules. If you choose the wrong answer, choose again. Most of the wrong answers may help to reinforce your knowledge of the call number system, so you may want check out the wrong answers, too. You can refer back to the SuDocs Basics page any time you need to.

  1. All the letters at the beginning of call numbers are based on the name of the department--A is Agriculture, C is Commerce, D is Defense and so on.

  3. The SuDocs classification is based on the Dewey Decimal System.

  5. Which call number run is in the correct SuDocs call number order?
  7. How many digits are normally used to represent a year in a SuDocs call number?

  9. What is the general rule of order you should follow when shelving SuDocs?

  11. The call number before the colon is called the call number stamen.

  13. The following books are not shelved correctly. Which one book can you move to put them in correct call number order?
    Books to shelve


  15. The SuDocs classification system is called a provenance system.