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The Government Documents collection includes publications of the United States federal government, the Canadian government, the State of Michigan, the United Nations and many other international intergovernmental organizations. The collection includes over 3 million documents in paper, microformat, and electronic formats.

Note: A portion of the collection is presently uncataloged and, therefore, does not appear in the Libraries' catalog.

Canadian Documents

In 1967, the library became a selective depository of Canadian federal documents to support the Canadian-American Studies Program. The library selects a general range of publications from science to foreign policy and labor relations. It is particularly strong in agriculture, demography and population, fisheries and wildlife, forestry, and history. The collection includes Canadian censuses, statutes, and proceedings and reports of the Canadian Parliament. These items are currently stored at our Remote Storage facility and can be found and requested through the Library's catalog. 

European Union Documents

As a participating European Union Depository Library, users are provided free access to the official publications containing information ranging from policy developments in all sectors of EU activity to statistics on trade, demographics, agriculture, transport, energy and economic indicators. These items are currently stored at our Remote Storage facility and can be found and requested through the Library's catalog. 

Michigan Documents

After nearly two decades as a permanent depository for official publications of the State of Michigan the MSU Library ceased being a depository in 2007. Materials received throughout the years dating back to statehood include House and Senate Journals, reports on a variety of subjects, statistical reports and annual reports of various state agencies will continue to be available. Prospective publications will be mostly available online and can be located via the MSU Library Catalog. The physical collection is located on the 1st Floor of the East Wing, directly following the U.S. Census Collection.

U.S. Documents

The MSU Libraries has been a U.S. federal depository library since 1907 and currently receives approximately 76 percent of the publications made available to depository libraries.

An extensive range and variety of subjects are covered in the U.S. documents collection. It is particularly strong in the areas of agriculture, demography and population, education, environmental sciences, international relations, labor, and law. The collection is arranged by Superintendent of Documents call number which organizes publications by issuing agency rather than by subject.

There are over 7,000 serial titles, many of which are complete from early dates, including Foreign Relations of the United States from 1861, Geological Survey Professional Papers from 1896, U.S. Geological Survey Water-Supply Papers from 1902, and the Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics from 1913.

United Nations Documents and Publications

The collection includes documents and publications issued by the main United Nations organs since 1946. It also includes materials issued by various UN programmes and bodies including, but not limited to, the UN Conference on Trade and Development, the UN Development Programme, UNICEF, UNRISD, UN University, and the UN Environment Programme.

The collection also contains publications issued by most of the UN specialized agencies and autonomous organizations. These include the Food and Agriculture Organization, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade/World Trade Organization, International Fund for Agricultural Development, International Monetary Fund, International Telecommunication Union, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, World Bank Group, and the World Intellectual Property Organization. Materials issued by several UN specialized agencies (International Atomic Energy Agency, International Labour Organization, World Health Organization. The books and microcards that comprise this collection are currently stored at our Remote Storage facility and can be found and requested through the Library's catalog. Microfiche is available on the 2nd Floor of the West Wing.

Other International Intergovernmental Organizations

The Government Documents collection also includes materials issued by other international intergovernmental organizations including, but not limited to, the Asian Development Bank, Organization of American States, Council of Europe, NATO, Association of South East Asian Nations, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.