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Though MSU Libraries remain closed to the public due to COVID-19, we are preparing to welcome students this fall, and we are working on changes inside our Library to welcome people safely. Our goal is to reopen to the public August 24. Until then (and after), we will continue to offer virtual services. Many resources remain available. Please see our Online and Distance Learning resource page for specific Library resources. Reference services are still available via chat and phone. We do have temporary policies for returning/renewing material.

Digital Maps & Data Licensed for MSU Use

The following map resources have been licensed for use by the MSU community. For off-campus access, users must have a MSU NetID and password.* For a list of freely available map resources, see the Online Map Guide.

Region Coverage Set Title Scale Year
World World Tactical Pilotage Charts (TPCs) 1:500,000 1967-
World World Vector Map Level 0 (VMAP0) World Shape Files 1:1,000,000 2000
World Africa Africa 1:500,000 1:500,000 1962-
Africa Africa Africa 1:250,000 Joint Operations Graphic (JOG) 1:250,000 1965-
Africa Africa Africa 1:200,000 Soviet 1:200,000 1973-
Africa Ethiopia Ethiopia 1:250,000 1967-2007
Africa Ethiopia Ethiopia Joint Operation Graphic 1:250,000 1979-
Africa Gambia The Gambia 1:50,000 1975-
Africa Malawi Malawi 1:50,000  *4-minute video on using EVGeoCloud* 1:50,000 1973-
Africa Malawi Malawi Digital Elevation Model (Dezda Area Only) 12-meter  
Africa Nigeria Nigeria 1:100,000 1:100,000 1964-
Africa Nigeria Nigeria 1:50,000 1:50,000 1968-
Africa Rwanda Rwanda 1:50,000 1:50,000 1987-
Africa Somalia Somalia 1:200,000 1973-
Africa Somalia Somalia 1:100,000 1:100,000 1976-
Africa South Africa South Africa 1:50,000 1:50,000 1968-
Africa Tanzania Tanzania Digital Elevation Models 12-meter  
Africa Uganda Uganda 1:50,000 1:50,000 1998-
Americas-Central Cuba Cuba 1:100,000 1:100,000 1970-1990
Americas-Central Cuba Cuba Vector Data (National) 1:100,000  
Americas-Central Cuba CubaVector Data (Tiles) 1:100,000 2017
Americas-Central Nicaragua Nicaragua 1:50,000 1:50,000  
Americas-Central & South Assorted Latin American Censuses n/a 2002-2014
Americas-South Brazil Carta do Brasil [Rio de Janeiro area only] 1:50,000 1949-
Americas-South Brazil Carta do Brasil 1:250,000 1:250,000 1949-
Americas-South Chile Chile 1:50,000 1:50,000 1967-
Asia Cambodia Cambodia 1:100,000  *4-minute video on using EVGeoCloud* 1: 100,000 1992-
Asia India Mumbai, India Vector Data Files    
Asia Iran Iran vector data [Tehran and Mashhad areas only] 1:25,000  
Asia Soviet Union Geologicheskaya Karta SSSR [Geological Map of the USSR]
*4-minute video on using EVGeoCloud*
1:1,000,000 1939-
Asia Tehran Tehran Vector Data 1:25,000  
Asia Vietnam Vietnam 1:50,000 1:50,000 1965-
Europe Baltics Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania  *4-minute video on using EVGeoCloud* 1:200,000  
Europe Ukraine Odessa Oblast (Ukraine); Moldavia  *4-minute video on using EVGeoCloud* 1:200,000  

*Our contracts with the vendors restrict off-campus access to currently enrolled MSU students and current employees. MSU Alumni are not included in these groups.

Visitors to the main library may also access these maps at one of our Selected Resources computers. The main library has eight workstations on the first floor near the entrance, and we also have one workstation in the Map Library which is inside the main library on the 3rd floor of the west wing.

If you are a member of the MSU community and your NetID and password are not working to get you into these sites, please see this Guide to Off-Campus Access.