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Tehran, Iran Vector Data

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Title: Tehran, Iran Vector Data
Publication Place: Littleton, Colorado
Publisher: LandInfo Worldwide Mapping LLC
Beginning Date:
Acquisition Date: 2016
Extent: 243 data layers
Scale: 1:25,000
Projection: WGS84
Format: Available for download in zipped shapefile bundles
Bounding Coordinate West: 50.80
Bounding Coordinate East: 51.61
Bounding Coordinate North: 35.83
Bounding Coordinate South: 35.45
Notes: Layers include points, lines, and polygons.  See below for list of features.  Vectors were derived from aerial imagery flown 2002-2008.
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Contact Information:

Kathleen Weessies
Map Library
MSU Libraries, Room W308
366 W. Circle Drive
East Lansing, MI 48824 USA
(517) 884-0849
URL: https://lib.msu.edu/map/

Geographic Extent of Data

Geographic Extent of Data

 List of Layers

Name Type Size ZIP
Administrative Area Polygon 30 KB ZIP
Adminstration Area Point 13 KB ZIP
Air Traffic Control Point 1 KB ZIP
Airport Point 1 KB ZIP
Airport Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Airstrip Line 1 KB ZIP
Alt Control Point 1 KB ZIP
Artificial Cut Line 2 KB ZIP
Aspahlt Road Tertiary Line 160 KB ZIP
Asphalt Road Main Line 90 KB ZIP
Asphalt Road Secondary Line 267 KB ZIP
Avalanche Point 1 KB ZIP
Avalanche Line 1 KB ZIP
Breakwater Line 1 KB ZIP
Bride Scale Line 56 KB ZIP
Bridge Point 10 KB ZIP
Bridge Line 2 KB ZIP
Building Block Polygon 9720 KB ZIP
Building Single Point 726 KB ZIP
Building Single Polygon 973 KB ZIP
Bus Terminal Point 2 KB ZIP
Bus Terminal Polygon 5 KB ZIP
Bush Polygon 27 KB ZIP
Cable Way Line 2 KB ZIP
Camping Point 1 KB ZIP
Camping Polygon 5 KB ZIP
Canal Line 125 KB ZIP
Canal Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Cape Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Cave Point 1 KB ZIP
Cemetery Polygon 24 KB ZIP
Chador Polygon 1 KB ZIP
City Point 2 KB ZIP
Commercial Area Point 6 KB ZIP
Commercial Area Polygon 11 KB ZIP
Communication Tower Point 3 KB ZIP
Communication Tower Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Contours Line 22933 KB ZIP
Cultivation Polygon 589 KB ZIP
Culvert Point 16 KB ZIP
Culvert Line 1 KB ZIP
Customs Point 1 KB ZIP
Customs Polygon 3 KB ZIP
Dam Line 1 KB ZIP
Dike Line 1 KB ZIP
Disposal Area Polygon 10 KB ZIP
District Point 1 KB ZIP
Drainage Line 1 KB ZIP
Education Area Point 4 KB ZIP
Education Area Polygon 23 KB ZIP
Education Center Point 63 KB ZIP
Education Center Polygon 79 KB ZIP
Embankment Line 30 KB ZIP
Estuary Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Exhibition Ground Polygon 3 KB ZIP
Extra Features Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Extra Line Line 1 KB ZIP
Extra Roads Line 5 KB ZIP
Factory Point 12 KB ZIP
Factory Polygon 162 KB ZIP
Fence Line 59 KB ZIP
Fire Station Point 2 KB ZIP
Fire Station Polygon 4 KB ZIP
Flag Salty Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Flood Way Line 145 KB ZIP
Flood Way Polygon 156 KB ZIP
Forest Polygon 38 KB ZIP
Free Way Line 39 KB ZIP
Full Control Point 8 KB ZIP
Gas Station Point 4 KB ZIP
Gas Station Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Gas Well Point 1 KB ZIP
Gas Well Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Grass Polygon 50 KB ZIP
Gravel Road Line 40 KB ZIP
Grove Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Gulf Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Harbour Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Harbour Point 1 KB ZIP
Highway Line 168 KB ZIP
Historical Site Point 1 KB ZIP
Historical Site Polygon 2 KB ZIP
Hotel Point 3 KB ZIP
Hotel Polygon 3 KB ZIP
Hydro Structure Small Point 2 KB ZIP
Hydro Structure Small Line 1 KB ZIP
Index 25k Polygon 2 KB ZIP
Industrial Complex Point 5 KB ZIP
Industrial Complex Polygon 67 KB ZIP
International Boundary Line 1 KB ZIP
Island Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Khakriz Line 1 KB ZIP
Lagoon Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Lake Polygon 18 KB ZIP
Library Point 3 KB ZIP
Library Polygon 3 KB ZIP
Lighthouse Point 1 KB ZIP
Lighthouse Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Marsh Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Medical Area Point 2 KB ZIP
Medical Area Polygon 8 KB ZIP
Medical Center Point 12 KB ZIP
Medical Center Polygon 12 KB ZIP
Military Area Point 1 KB ZIP
Military Area Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Mine Point 2 KB ZIP
Mine Polygon 4 KB ZIP
Monument Historical Point 2 KB ZIP
Monument Historical Line 1 KB ZIP
Monument Historical Polygon 2 KB ZIP
Mountain Point 4 KB ZIP
Mud Pit Polygon 2 KB ZIP
Museum Point 2 KB ZIP
Museum Polygon 2 KB ZIP
New Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Oil Gas Tank Point 6 KB ZIP
Oil Gas Tank Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Oil Well Point 1 KB ZIP
Orchard Polygon 677 KB ZIP
Palm Tree Area Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Park Point 2 KB ZIP
Park Polygon 144 KB ZIP
Parking Point 1 KB ZIP
Parking Polygon 13 KB ZIP
Path Line 51 KB ZIP
Pedestrian Bridge Point 4 KB ZIP
Pedestrian Bridge Line 1 KB ZIP
Photo Center Point 5 KB ZIP
Pier Line 1 KB ZIP
Pile Polygon 11 KB ZIP
Pipe Line Line 1 KB ZIP
Pit Line 1 KB ZIP
Pit Polygon 125 KB ZIP
Place Of Worship Point 28 KB ZIP
Place Of Worship Polygon 8  KB ZIP
Plan Control Point 1 KB ZIP
Police Station Point 3 KB ZIP
Police Station Polygon 6 KB ZIP
Pond Polygon 47 KB ZIP
Pool Point 16 KB ZIP
Pool Polygon 27 KB ZIP
Poultry Livestock Point 9 KB ZIP
Poultry Livestock Polygon 114 KB ZIP
Power Line Line 125 KB ZIP
Power Station Point 1 KB ZIP
Power Station Polygon 4 KB ZIP
Production Unit Point 1 KB ZIP
Production Unit Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Ptt Office Point 7 KB ZIP
Ptt Office Polygon 5 KB ZIP
Purification Facilities Point 1 KB ZIP
Purification Facilities Polygon 5 KB ZIP
Qanat Line 101 KB ZIP
Rail Metro Station Point 2 KB ZIP
Rail Metro Station Polygon 3 KB ZIP
Railway Double Line 26 KB ZIP
Railway Single Line 22 KB ZIP
Range Land Polygon 2 KB ZIP
Refinery Point 1 KB ZIP
Refinery Polygon 2 KB ZIP
Religious Area Polygon 2 KB ZIP
Religious Area Point 2 KB ZIP
Rice Field Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Ridge Line 1 KB ZIP
River Line 96 KB ZIP
River Polygon 39 KB ZIP
Roads Line 2083 KB ZIP
Rock Polygon 13 KB ZIP
Row Of Trees Line 1044 KB ZIP
Ruins Point 1 KB ZIP
Ruins Polygon 17 KB ZIP
Rural District Point 1 KB ZIP
Salt Flat Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Salty Polygon 5 KB ZIP
Sand Dunes Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Sandshur Line 8 KB ZIP
Sandshur Polygon 29 KB ZIP
Sandy Land Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Sandy Shore Line 1 KB ZIP
Sandy Shore Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Scrap Yard Polygon 2 KB ZIP
Sea Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Second Order Point 1 KB ZIP
Service Area Point 4 KB ZIP
Service Area Polygon 25 KB ZIP
Shrine Point 4 KB ZIP
Shrine Polygon 3 KB ZIP
Silo Point 1 KB ZIP
Silo Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Smokestack Point 2 KB ZIP
Sport Area Point 4 KB ZIP
Sport Area Polygon 29 KB ZIP
Spot Height Point 569 KB ZIP
Spring Point 6 KB ZIP
Square Point 11 KB ZIP
Square Line 48 KB ZIP
Square Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Stadium Point 1 KB ZIP
Stadium Polygon 13 KB ZIP
Stream Ditch Line 344 KB ZIP
Stream Trees Line 158 KB ZIP
Street Line 697 KB ZIP
Suburb Borough Point 16 KB ZIP
Suburb Borough Polygon 2 KB ZIP
Swamp Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Tea Plantation Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Telephone Line Line 1 KB ZIP
TentCamp Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Theme Point 1 KB ZIP
Theme Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Third Order Level Point 1 KB ZIP
Toll Gate Line 2 KB ZIP
Tomb Point 2 KB ZIP
Tomb Polygon 2 KB ZIP
Track Road Line 776 KB ZIP
Tree Single Point 3 KB ZIP
Trench Line 7 KB ZIP
Tribe Camp Point 1 KB ZIP
Tribe Camp Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Tunnel Point 2 KB ZIP
Utility Station Point 2 KB ZIP
Utility Station Polygon 9 KB ZIP
Valley Point 3 KB ZIP
Village Point 9 KB ZIP
Village Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Vineyard Polygon 100 KB ZIP
Wall Line 2459 KB ZIP
Warehouse Point 2 KB ZIP
Warehouse Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Warehouse Area Point 3 KB ZIP
Warehouse Area Polygon 42 KB ZIP
Watchtower Point 2 KB ZIP
Water Pump Point 16 KB ZIP
Water Pump Polygon 3 KB ZIP
Water Reservoir Point 24 KB ZIP
Water Reservoir Polygon 2 KB ZIP
Water Well Point 1 KB ZIP
Watercourse Line 7898 KB ZIP
Waterfall Point 1 KB ZIP
Waterfall Line 1 KB ZIP
Waterfall Polygon 1 KB ZIP
Woods Point 1 KB ZIP
Woods Polygon 763 KB ZIP