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World Shapefiles, Vector Map Level 0 (VMAP0)

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Title: Vector Map Level 0 (VMAP0)
Originator: United States. National Imagery and Mapping Agency.
Publication Place: Bethesda, MD
Publisher: Bethesda, MD: National Imagery and Mapping Agency; Denver, CO: USGS Information Services
Beginning Date: 2000
Extent: 43 thematic vector shapefiles of the World
Scale: 1:1,000,000
Projection: Geographic projection WGS84
Format: Available for download in zipped shapefile bundles
Bounding Coordinate West: -180
Bounding Coordinate East: 180
Bounding Coordinate North: 90
Bounding Coordinate South: -90
Notes: The original Vector Smart Map (VMap) files were created by the United States Defense Mapping Agency, based on the Digital Chart of the World 1:1,000,000.
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List of Layers

Name Type Zip
World_Airports Point World_Airports_POINTS.zip
World_CityPoint Point World_City_POINTS.zip
World_DangerP Point World_DangerP_POINTS.zip
World_IndustryExtractPoints Point World_IndustryExtract_POINTS.zip
World_MiscIndustryPoints Point World_MiscIndustry_POINTS.zip
World_MiscPopPoints Point World_MiscPop_POINTS.zip
World_MiscWaterPoints Point World_MiscWater_POINTS.zip
World_PlaceNames Point World_PlaceNames_POINTS.zip
World_PoliticalBoundariesPoints Point World_PoliticalBoundaries_POINTS.zip
World_PowerPlants Point World_PowerPlants_POINTS.zip
World_RailRoadYard Point World_RailRoadYard_POINTS.zip
World_SpotElevations Point World_SpotElevations_POINTS.zip
World_StoragePoints Point World_storage_POINTS.zip
World_TransportationPoints Point World_Transportation_POINTS.zip
World_AquaCanals Line World_AquaCanals_LINES.zip
World_Barriers Line World_Barriers_LINES.zip
World_Bathymetry Line World_Bathymetry_LINES.zip
World_CoastLines Line World_CoastLines_LINES.zip
World_Contours Line World_Contours_LINES.zip
World_Highways Line World_highways_LINES.zip
World_MiscTranLines Line World_MiscTran_LINES.zip
World_MiscWaterLines Line World_MiscWaterLines_LINES.zip
World_PipeLines Line World_PipeLines_LINES.zip
World_PoliticalBoundariesLines Line World_PoliticalBoundaries_LINES.zip
World_RailRoads Line World_RailRoads_LINES.zip
World_Rivers Line World_Rivers_LINES.zip
World_Roads Line World_Roads_LINES.zip
World_Trails Line World_Trails_LINES.zip
World_TransportationLines Line World_Transportation_LINES.zip
World_UtilityLines Line World_Utility_LINES.zip
World_CityAreas Area World_CityAreas_AREAS.zip
World_FishHatchery Area World_FishHatchery_AREAS.zip
World_Grass Area World_Grass_AREAS.zip
World_Lakes Area World_Lakes_AREAS.zip
World_LandIce Area World_landice_AREAS.zip
World_NativeSettlements Area World_NativeSettlements_AREAS.zip
World_OceanSeas Area World_OceanSeas_AREAS.zip
World_PoliticalBoundaries Area World_PoliticalBoundaries_AREAS.zip
World_PoliticalBoundariesAreas Area World_PoliticalBoundariesAreas_AREAS.zip
World_SeaIce Area World_SeaIce_AREAS.zip
World_Swamps Area World_Swamps_AREAS.zip
World_Trees Area World_Trees_AREAS.zip
World_Tundra Area World_Tundra_AREAS.zip