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Plan and Deed of Land owned by Augusts and Tēkle Mālnieks, near Inčeru Sādža, Latvia.

Place and Publisher not identified. 1928. Call number 683-d E-1928

Latvian land deedThis land deed describes a 10 hectare (about 25 acre) farm owned by siblings Augusts and Tēkle Mālnieks located near the village Inčeru Sādža (now called Inčārnieki) in the Madona District of Latvia.  The deed was granted in 1928, a period of time when Latvia had achieved independence from Russia but before the Soviet Union regained control 1940.   Augusts was granted 4/5th ownership and his sister 1/5th ownership.

This map was found at an estate sale in California and was a gift from Charles Schoenknecht and Ward A. Paul.