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By George W. Boynton, George W., T. G. Bradford, and Earl W. De La Vergne. Published in Boston by T.G. Bradford in 1842.

Note:  The copyright date at the bottom of this map is 1838.  However on April 1, 1840, 30 counties were formed in the northern lower peninsula which are marked out on this map.  Many of the names didn't persist; on March 8, 1843 the legislature changed 16 of those counties names.  This map is unusual because it captures this narrow window of time.

The mapmakers, however, misspelled many of these new and unfamiliar names.  Comparing the names on this map to those provided in the Acts of the Legislature of the State of Michigan, 1840, Act 119, we note the following differences:

Act Spelling / Map Spelling

  • Aishcum / Aiscam
  • Cheboygan / Cheboigan
  • Cheonoquet / Cheonoqul
  • Kautawaubet / Kanlawanbel
  • Leelanau / Leelanan
  • Meegisee / Megissee
  • Mecosta / Micosta
  • Missaukee / Missaukie
  • Neewaygo / Neewayge
  • Notipekago / Nolipekage
  • Omeena / Ometna
  • Oscoda / Oscola
  • Ottawa / Ottowa
  • Tonedagana / Tonadagna

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