Michigan State University

Transferring Electronic Records

Online Transfer

In order to transfer permanent electronic records to the University Archives, a Submission Agreement form must be completed using our Electronic Records Submission Tool (ERST). Once this has been approved by the University Archives, offices can use ERST to transfer electronic records.

Information provided in the agreement and file transfer will be used to create descriptive metadata, which is information about the electronic records that will make them more accessible to researchers. Technical information provided will help the archivists in determining preservation strategies.

Transfer Options

Electronic records may also be transferred to UAHC via a storage device, such as optical media or removable hard drives. Electronic records stored on removable media and other physical devices may be delivered to UAHC on those physical devices.

Acceptable physical devices for the delivery of electronic records include:

  • USB flash drive
  • Hard drive
  • Memory card
  • CD or CD-ROM
  • DVD or DVD-R/W
  • Floppy disk
  • Zip disk
  • Jaz disk

Include a hard copy of a transmittal form (pdf) with the package containing the physical device.