Michigan State University

Specialized Retention Schedules

Specialized retention schedules are designed for record types that are unique to a particular university unit. An example is UAHC’s collection accession files.

The retention schedules listed below are older retention schedules, but are still valid.

Fiscal Records-Controller's Office Record

Schedule Description: These records are the unique, original financial records retained by the Controller's Office, including Kuali Financial System, and constitute the official University record.

Schedule Retention: 6 years

Disposition: Maintain in office one year past the end fiscal year or until audit is complete, then send files to the archives for the remaining 5 years.

Office of Record: Controller's Office

MSU Construction Contract Records

Schedule Description: These are construction contracts and supporting documentation for development of MSU properties.

Schedule Retention: Permanent

Disposition:: These records will be transferred to the Archives upon completion of the contract.

Office of Record: Contracts & Grants - MSU Construction Contracts Office

Semester Effort Reports

Schedule Description: Semester Effort Reports (SER) are documents generated in association with federal and state contracts and grants. These reports are used for audit purposes.

Schedule Retention: 15 years

Disposition:: These records will be transferred to the Archives when they are no longer active.

Office of Record: MSU Contracts & Grants Office ONLY