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Marilyn Shadduck discusses her career at REO Motor Car Company and Diamond REO Trucks, Inc.

Marilyn Shadduck talks about her career at REO Motor Car Company/Diamond-Reo Trucks, Inc., in Lansing, MI, from 1942 to 1975. Shadduck describes her youth, going to weekly free movies at the REO Clubhouse, working at REO through the war years, being selected as "Miss REO", raising a family, and being part of the "REO family" until the plant closed. She talks about the dissolution of the company, the loss of the pension fund, and the start of Spartan Motors by former REO workers. She says that REO "was a great place to work". The interviewer is Shirley Bradley. Recorded as part of the commemoration of REO Motor Car Company's 100th Anniversary.

  • 2004-06-08
  • 0:44:11
  • Interviewee:
    • Shadduck, Marilyn
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