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Doug Sleep discusses his career at REO Motor Car Company and Diamond REO Trucks, Inc.

Doug Sleep talks about his career in the export department at REO Motor Car Company/Diamond-Reo Trucks, Inc., in Lansing, MI, from 1961 to 1975. Sleep talks about preparing trucks to be shipped for sale overseas, about becoming a UAW steward and the deterioration of worker/management relations when the company changed ownership. Sleep describes the difficulty in running a shop with the chronic shortage of parts in the company's last days and final owner Francis Cappaert's attempts to break the union. He also laments the loss of the worker pension fund and the creation of federal pension guarantee program. The interviewer is Shirley Bradley. The first minute of the interview was not recorded. Recorded as part of the commemoration of the REO Motor Car Company's 100th Anniversary.

  • 2004-06-22
  • 0:40:49
  • Interviewee:
    • Sleep, Douglas E.
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