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Edna Ramont discusses her career at REO Motor Car Company and Diamond REO Trucks, Inc.

Edna Ramont talks about her career at REO Motor Car Company/Diamond-Reo Trucks, Inc., in Lansing, MI, from 1942 to 1974. Ramont describes her early years at REO and the everyday details of her employment, such as her pay, break time, layoffs, building lawnmowers and operating lathes and drill presses in the Truck Motor Department. Ramont also fondly recalls the REO Clubhouse, the pipe organ, the many worker social gatherings and the family-like atmosphere at REO. She also, however, stresses her staunch unionism and discusses a strike at the plant during the very difficult war years. The interviewer is Shirley Bradley. Recorded as part of the commemoration of REO Motor Car Company's 100th Anniversary.

  • 2004-10-06
  • 0:55:58
  • Interviewee:
    • Ramont, Edna
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