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The Rovi Media Collection

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About the Collection

The Rovi Media Collection was donated to the MSU Libraries in March 2015 by the Rovi Corporation.It includes nearly 700,000 music CDs, more than 160,000 DVDs and more than 17,000 video games, and is one of the largest publicly accessible media collections in the world. The collection is accessible to the MSU community via the Library catalog, or through the custom search box above, and can be requested by clicking the "Request Rovi" button in the item record.

At this time, only CDs and DVDs are circulating. Selected titles from the Gaming Collection are available for in-person, recreational or academic use in the Video Game Labs, which are located in the Digital and Multimedia Library on the 4th floor, West Wing of the Main Library.

The processing and cataloging of games is time-intensive and ongoing. Please help us by suggesting game titles, platforms or equipment that we might prioritize, or that you may want to use right away, by submitting a Gaming Feedback form. Games alone may be searched or browsed through our Catalog of Available Games and Unprocessed Games pages; the search box above will return multimedia results including video game soundtracks, game-related films, and much more. A list of even more unprocessed items, which are not yet supported by our in-house equipment (including more than 3,600 handheld console games) is available upon Gaming Feedback request.

If you are interested in making a donation, please see our Gaming Wishlist and Gaming Donation Form. If you have a legitimate use for anything other than the games themselves, such as digital images of game packages, or items such as the original packaging and ephemera, please use the Gaming Feedback form, be as specific as possible, and you may expect a response within two business days.

About the Gaming Collection

The Rovi Gaming Collection consists of more than 17,000 console and PC games created between approximately 1993 and 2015, with a few titles dating to the mid-1980s. The collection includes numerous consoles, specialized peripherals, and associated collectors editions and advertising materials. The number of titles and associated consoles are represented here:

Video game platform count