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CONSTRUCTION UPDATE! Please be aware that construction will be ongoing throughout the summer in the café area and on 2-West (impacts will include the Nursing Mother's Room). For more information on these projects, please visit our Summer Construction update page.

Computer FAQs


What hardware and software are available in computer labs and on the computers in the library?

What software is available in the Main Library's Collaborative Technology Labs?

The Collaborative Technology Labs are high-tech, multimedia, group work spaces with computers that offer some unique software not found on other computers.

Where can I find a Mac Computer in the Main Library?

There are Macs in the North Lobby, near the Reference collection on 1 East, in the Café area on 1 West, and in the Gerald M Kline Digital and Multimedia Center on 4 West.

How do I get to my AFS space from a library computer?

If you are signed on to a Full Applications machine at the library, you are already connected to your AFS space. It is labeled drive P in the list of drives. You cannot access your AFS space from selected resource machines in the MSU Libraries. To learn more about your AFS space including how to access it from your dorm room or home, go to the following web page: Accessing your AFS Space.

Are there scanners available in the Main Library?

Yes. Please see the Scanning Options in the MSU Libraries (pdf) handout for complete information.

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Internet and Wireless:

For additional questions about wireless and Internet access for laptops, please see the Internet & Wireless page.

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MSU Libraries Resources:

How do I print from MSU Libraries resources?

When printing from MSU Libraries resources, always check to see if there is a window open inside your browser that also has a print icon. If there is a print icon there, use that icon rather than the browser's print function. Using the browser's print function will not get the text but the outside frame instead. Visit the Printing & Plotting page for more information about printing in the MSU Libraries.

Why can't I get to library resources using my laptop in the Library?

The Off Campus Access page provides information about EZProxy for wireless network users.

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MSU Resources:

How do I access my MSU email?

Visit https://mail.msu.edu and sign in with your MSU NetID and password. If you have never used MSU email, visit this getting started guide.

How do I get to DESIRE 2 LEARN?

Visit https://d2l.msu.edu and sign in with your MSU NetID and password.

How do I access my student records (StuInfo)?

Visit https://stuinfo.msu.edu. Sign in with your MSU NetID and password to view your academic, personal, and financial information.

How do I connect to MSU's web enrollment system (WebEnroll)?

Visit https://webenroll.msu.edu to connect. Instructions can be found on the Office of the Registrar's web site..

Where can I activate my MSU NetID in the library?

On any Selected Resource computer, go to https://netid.msu.edu and click on the Activate your NetID link. You will need to know your ID and PIN/PAN number. If you need to request a PIN, go to the Request A PIN page.

Where can I change my MSU NetID password in the library if I have forgotten it?

On any Selected Resources computer, go to https://netid.msu.edu and click on the Change Your Password link.

Where can I learn more about computing facilities, support, and training at MSU?

Visit https://tech.msu.edu/ for technology resources and support and https://train.msu.edu for technology training.