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All students, staff, and faculty must scan their MSU ID to access the MSU Library building between 10:00 pm – 7:30 am on Sunday - Thursday.

Using Computers in the MSU Libraries

The following are frequently asked questions about using computer in the MSU Libraries.

Does the library have computers that I can use?


  1. Selected Resources: Computers that provide access to the web version of the catalog and the Electronic Resources that the Libraries' subscribe to.
  2. Windows Login: available with word processing and internet software. These machines also require authentication by the use of your valid MSUNet ID and password.

Please ask at the Patron Services Desk or Reference Desk for the location of these machines.

For more information on computer facilities in the Main Library, please see the supplemental list of Computer FAQs

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What software programs are available on Windows Login computers?

For information on what kinds of software programs are available on Windows Login and Mac IOS computers in the Main Library or campus Computer Labs, see the MSU Classroom Computing Software List.

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Can I save my files to the hard drive on a computer in the main library?

Network Drive Icons

Operating System Icons Instructions
hard drive icon Windows 10


You can save files to the hard drive on a Windows Login computer, but those file may be lost if the computer freezes, or if the system has to be restarted. Files can be saved to your personal AFS space using the network connection that is connected when you login to a Windows computer.  You can save your files to removable media on any of the Windows Login. The programs on the Selected Resource workstations can usually email their results to a mail account, or save to a USB flash key.


mac network icon
Mac OS X

On a Macintosh system space you will see your AFS space mounted as a drive icon on the desktop. If you do not, you must click on the icon in the Dock to connect to your AFS space. You can also save to a USB flash key.


You can also save files onto a CD/DVD, but you'll need to use the proper media and computer combination. Check out the Media Drive capabilities on the library's Windows Login computers. Current Macintosh systems do not have CD/DVD drives

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Where are the network connections for laptops in the main library building?

There are almost 300 wired network ports in the Main Library. Look for an outlet box with a bright orange plug or orange NET LINK sign in any empty study carrel. Or, ask at the Patron Services desk if you need help locating one.

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Does the library offer wireless network access?

The Main Library currently offers wireless network access to MSU students, staff, and faculty throughout the building. For information on how to use wireless in the library please go to the following page: Internet & Wireless

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How do I print something at the Main Library?

Two print options (MSU Print and/or MakeCentral Laser) are available in the Main Library. For information on how to print in the library please go to the following page: Print, Plot, & Scan