Michigan State University

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE! Please be aware that construction will be ongoing throughout the summer in the café area and on 2-West (impacts will include the Nursing Mother's Room). For more information on these projects, please visit our Summer Construction update page.

Printing to MSU Print from
Selected Resource Computers

Note: Color printing is available from Selected Resource computers and is the default setting. If you would like a B&W Print, please be sure to select before you print.

For printing assistance:

If you are ready to print:

  • Click on the MSU Print icon MSU Print icon, found on the desktop of Selected Resources computers. on the desktop to select and upload items to print.
  • You will go to: MSU Print and login with your MSU NetID.

Printing to the MakeCentral

  • From your application, select the print option to open the Print Dialog box.
    By default, all print jobs are set to print double-sided to save paper.
    If you need to print single-sided, you must change the setting under the Preferences button.
  • Choose the Black & White, or Color printer. Then click Print to send it to the MakeCentral print queue.
    Windows 7 Print dialog box with the selection of available printers in the MakeCentral.