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Name: Amanda Tickner
Phone: 517-884-9432
Email: atickner@msu.edu


Librarian I - Continuing
Map Library, Main Library
Main Library Building,E240 (11)


  • Tickner, Amanda
    2015 A Good Place: Resilience, Historical Ecology and Esthetics in Viewing the Future in the Past
    Historical Ecology Applications to Environmental Issues etd. H. Thomas Foster II, Lisa M. Paciulli, and David J. Goldstein South Carolina University Press 
  • Madry, Scott, Elizabeth Anne Jones, Amanda Tickner, D. Seth Murray and Tamara Misner
    2015 Water and landscape dynamics in southern Burgundy: two and a half centuries of water management in an agricultural landscape. Water History Volume 7, Issue 3, pp 301-335
  • Madry, Scott, Elizabeth Anne Jones, D. Seth Murray, and Amanda Tickner
    2011 A micro history of land and resource use: Integration of historical GIS and related data in southern Burgundy, France. Le Monde Des Cartes Revue du Comité Français de Cartographie 208: 75-80. 
  • Tickner, Amanda 
    2009 Analysis of Wood Charcoal from an Earth Lodge on Mound V at Moundville. Alabama Museum of Natural History Bulletin 27:43-49. 
  • Madry, Scott, Elizabeth Jones, and Amanda Tickner  
    2009 An Improved Method for Extraction of Historical Cartographic Features into GIS:  A French Case Study. Annual Proceedings of Computer Applications in Archaeology (online publication)