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Name: Terri Miller
Phone: 517-884-0841
Email: ticklet@msu.edu


Associate Dean
Teaching, Learning, and Research Engagement, Main Library
Head of Unit
Main Library Building,W102 (7)


  • The Census Online: Internet Census Resources for Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.
    Journal: Slavic and East European Information Resources
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    Volume: 4
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  • "Slavic and East European Statistical Resources on the Internet: Official Government Sources."
    Journal: Slavic and East European Information Resources
    Issue: 2
    Volume: 2
    Year: 2001
  • “Of Pigs and Pythons:  Ingesting and Digesting a Major Media Collection.”  Charleston Conference, Charleston, NC, November 2016
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    “Wrangling the Rovi Media Collection.”  Charleston Conference, November 2015
    “Ebooks and Ereaders in the MSU Libraries,” MSU Libraries Faculty Emeriti series: December 2, 2011.
    "Information Literacy for Slavic Studies Faculty: A Multi-Tiered Approach to Better Communication." Slavic & East European Information Resources 10, no. 2/3 (April 2009): 235-243
    “Maternity Leave: 9 Months and 9 Tips to Prepare your Organization to Survive Your Leave.”  With Holly Flynn, Kathleen Weessies, and Melissa Yost. Library Journal (online edition) October 2008:  http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6601514.html
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