Michigan State University

Place Materials on Reserve (Instructors)

This form is for MSU instructors to place items already in the catalog on reserve for your classes at the Libraries.

Important items to note:

  • Please do not recall checked out items yourself. Add them to the list, reserve staff will do the recall as part of processing.
  • You can renew a previously used list. See the Course Information section below.

Other Options

  • Request the purchase of an item for Reserve
  • To place instructor-owned materials or a coursepack on Reserve, print and fill out the Printable Reserve List Form from the Faculty Services page for the appropriate service desk. Include a list of the items (if you don't specify them on the form) and bring them to the appropriate service desk. You may also send them through campus mail.

Required fields denoted with asterisk *.

Instructor Information
Course Information
Items on this list will be removed from reserve at the end of the semester unless reserve staff receive a request to leave them on reserve for additional, consecutive semesters. You may mark more than one semester in the "semester" box at this time, or notify reserves staff before the beginning of next semester.
Location & Loan Period
Material Information
If you want to modify your previous list, please note changes in the comments field on the bottom of this page.
Previously reserved list?
Reserve Item