Michigan State University

Copyright Services

Copyright Advice

Susan Kendall, Copyright Librarian, cannot give legal advice, but she can provide guidance and help you understand if you need to seek out permissions for your use of materials. 

She may be able to guide you to alternatives that will not require you to seek for or pay for permissions, such as:

  • Using library-licensed resources for which the Library has negotiated special use rights
  • Choosing resources that have more favorable use policies

Copyright Permissions Requests

Tyler Smeltekop assists in obtaining copyright permissions for members of the MSU community.  He can:

  • Help you determine the rights holder and contact them for you
  • Consult with you about selections that can be stable linked, saving your department royalty fees
  • Connect you to librarians for additional assistance or materials acquisition

If obtaining permission will require royalty fees and you wish to proceed with the use, the royalty fees will need to be charged to your departmental account. 

For large and complex projects, there may be a $25 per hour charge for seeking and processing permissions on your behalf.  Tyler will consult with you as to whether you wish to proceed on your own or use this paid service.