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Distance Learning Services

About Us

MSU Library Distance Learning Services is designed to meet the research and information needs of student and faculty in off-campus or on-line courses, and faculty/staff in MSU off-campus units.

D2L Help

Our unit provides full support for D2L. This includes technical assistance, enhancement requests, and training and development.

Read more about D2L in the official help.

Follow this link for information on in-person D2L training courses.

Distance Learning Help

As a distance or online student or faculty, there are many services available to you. The most common deal with requesting material.

If you have problems accessing any library resource at home, please feel free to contact us at (800) 500-1554.

MSU Extension Help

We provide assistance to MSU County Extension employees with research, book and article delivery along with technical support including MSU email and dial-up. Extension Employees please check out our services on the MSU Extension web page.