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Dual Monitors

Dual (aka multiple) monitors do have their usefulness especially when using multiple applications. However, it is important to use them correctly to help prevent injuries. You may want to consider using one slightly larger monitor instead of two monitors. They give more screen real estate without getting as large as two monitors. You don't want to keep turning your head repeatedly to see all on your screen(s). If you do use multiple monitors, here are some tips:

  • Make sure the monitors are the same size/models.
  • You want to be careful that you are not turning your head side to side a lot to see both screens. Use your eyes more.
  • Place the screens as close to one another as possible to reduce neck turning and provide a more seamless flow.
  • Place the monitors 20-40 inches or about an arm’s length from your body. You want to be able to see both monitors to reduce neck turning but not so far away that you can’t read what’s on the screens without leaning forward.
  • Think about how you use the monitors. Do you use one predominantly more than the other?

If you use one monitor more than the other:

  • Center the predominant monitor with the keyboard and your body.
  • The secondary screen should go to the side. It can go on the right or left side. It should make a semi-circle and be the same distance from you.

If you use both monitors equally:

  • Center both monitors with the keyboard and the midline of your body.
  • Tilt the monitors slightly towards you on the outside to make it more like a cockpit.