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1923 - 1931

Touring Atlas

From 1923 to 1931, Clason Map Company published road atlases in a "Motor Atlas" and "Touring Atlas" style. For the collector, dating these "Touring Atlases" presents unusual challenges. Unlike competitors Rand McNally and Gousha, Clason typically did not place dates or even date codes on their products. Thus, until now it has only been possible to approximate their dates. This article is designed to provide a more precise dating scheme for Clason's "Touring Atlases." These dating guidelines were developed by systematically studying features on a broad array of Clason Touring Atlases including examination of the road network, variations in road legend design, and context clues elsewhere within the publications.

Dating Clason Touring Atlases, 1923 - 1931 (from The Legend, issue 39) 549K (pdf)