Little Cookbooks: The Alan and Shirley Brocker Sliker Culinary Collection

The Enterprising Housekeeper 200 Tested Recipes

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The cover of this pamphlet is beige with a black border. On the left is a large drawing of a woman in a red dress with a black-and-white checked apron and a white lace tie holding a steaming iron skillet in her right hand and a wooden spoon in her left hand. The Enterprising Housekeeper is in black print outlined in red. Below the title and author's name is Published by The Enterprise Manufacturing Company of Pa., Philadelphia, U.S.A. 1900. The back cover has Compliments of J.W. McPherson & Sons, Established 1856, Dealers in Hardware, Cutlery, Paints and Oils,Shippensburg, Pa. The title page has the title and Suggestions for Breakfast, Luncheon and Supper, above the author's name and publishing information. The preface explains the mission of this collection of recipes and the demand for recipes for "left-overs." The next page promotes the line of Enterprise products for the "Progressive Housewife" and how they save time, labor and money. Throughout are pages with drawings, descriptions and prices of several Enterprise products (coffee mills, meat choppers, cherry stoners, raisin and grape seeder, fruit, wine and jelly press, ice shredder, spice mill and meat juice extractor). In the middle is a table of measurements and time tables for cooking various foods. At the end are lists of suggestions for breakfast and luncheon followed by menus for breakfast, luncheon and supper. The last page has an index.

Donor: Sliker, Shirley Brocker

Author: Johnson, Helen Louise

Brand Name: Enterprise Manufacturing Kitchen Utensils

Publisher: Enterprise Mfg. CO. (Philadelphia, Pa.)


80 p.

16.5 x 11.4 cm


Language: English

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Copyright: This item is in the public domain.


Citation: Johnson, Helen Louise. The Enterprising Housekeeper 200 Tested Recipes. The Alan and Shirley Brocker Sliker Collection, MSS 314, Special Collections, Michigan State University Libraries. Available at

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