Little Cookbooks: The Alan and Shirley Brocker Sliker Culinary Collection

The Cook's Handbook


The front cover shows a door with the top half open to show a woman with a wooden spoon in her hand reading a cookbook. A can of Carnation Milk is on the counter and a bowl of carnations are on the shelf of the half-door. White plastic comb binding. The back is dark green with a centered can of Carnation Milk within a white circle. The title page has the title in black and red above an oval illustration of the woman from the front cover. Below is the author's name: Mary Blake, Home Service Department, Carnation Company, Los Angeles, California. There is a Table of Contents followed by a signed introduction by Mary Blake with drawings of a chef walrus, a shoe, sailboats, leaves, a crown and a flying pig at the top. There are recipes for Soups, Salads, One-Dish Meals, Sauces, Quick Breads and Easy Rolls, Feasts From the Griddle, Vegetables, Meat and Poultry, Eggs, Beverages, Pies, Desserts, Cakes and Cookies, Candies and Frostings and Foods From 'Round the World. Other information includes meal planning and menus, kitchen utensils and equipment, how to shop, how to measure, basic cooking techniques, baking know-how, kitchen tips, preparing baby's formula, how to carve, food storage and a chart of spices and herbs. There is an index on the last page.

Donor: Wineberg, Susan

Author: Blake, Mary

Brand Name: Carnation Milk

Publisher: Carnation Co. (Los Angeles, Calif.)


96 p.

22.9 x 16.2 cm


Language: English

Key Terms:

Copyright: This item is under copyright.


Citation: Blake, Mary. The Cook's Handbook. The Alan and Shirley Brocker Sliker Collection, MSS 314, Special Collections, Michigan State University Libraries. Available at

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