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Numerical List of Manuscripts and Archival Collections

Special Collections is proud to have a diverse collection of manuscripts and archives.  Please search our finding aid database, web archives portalexplore by collection topic, or browse our numerical list of collections below.  To access our collections, use our Registration and Request System and allow for up to three business days for retrieval.  Particular collection strengths are in Africana, Chicano/a Latino/a, Contemporary Michigan Writers, Cookery, Veterinary Medicine, Radical politics, Lesbian and feminist performing arts and artists, and the Contemporary Mens Movement.


Manuscript Numbers
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Author Title
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Mss. 1 [St. Bonaventure] Off þe ven[er]abull soper þ[a]t owre lord[e] Jh[es]u made wt hys dyscypul[is] or he w[ere] be trayde to þe Jues.
[Meditationes vitae Christi]
Mss. 2   Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis. [Book of Hours]
Mss. 3 Blanc, Louis Letter, 30 October 1859
Mss. 4 Roznowski, Rob Comfort Foods collection
Mss. 5 Brooks, Van Wyck Letter, 29 June 1941
Mss. 6 Browning, Robert Letter, 28 August 1889
Mss. 7 Carr, Albert H. Albert H. Z. Carr papers
Mss. 8 Clemens, Olivia Letter, undated
Mss. 9 Twain, Mark  Letter, 14 Mar. 1882, Hartford, Conn.
Mss. 10 Cleveland, Grover Letter, 21 Nov. 1891
Mss. 11 Coolidge, Calvin Letter, 13 Dec. 1920
Mss. 12 Cuvier, Georges Letter, 26 Nov. 1822
Mss. 13 Dickens, Charles Letters, 1842, 1849
Mss. 14 Roosevelt, Franklin D. Certificates, letters, notes signed by F.D.R., his staff, or relatives; campaign ephemera
Mss. 15 Galsworthy, John Poem and letters, 1910-1921.
Mss. 16 May, Philip Memorandum of agreement : [contract between Phil May and George Allen of Ruskin House for May to provide 36 original drawings to illustrate Dickens' David Copperfield, March 22, 1897]. 
Mss. 17 Kleeman, Rita Halle Letter, 23 Nov 1935
Mss. 18 Peattie, Donald Culross Letters to Gladys Olds Anderson.
Mss. 19 Garfield, James A. Letter, 22 July 1880.
Mss. 20 Gilbey, Walter, Sir, 1st Bart. Letters to Lord Roseberry.
Mss. 21 Grant, Ulysses S. Warrant for the pardon of Charles Evers, dated 6 Oct. 1869.
Mss. 22   Women in World War II greeting cards collection.
Mss. 23 Wright, William. Certificate appointing William Wright as Justice of the Peace for five districts in South Africa, signed by the Colonial Secretary, March 1, 1869.
Mss. 24 Hecht, Ben  Telegram to Margery Currey, sent from Nyack, N.Y., 22 Mar. 1935.
Mss. 25 Hill, Richard Letters, 21 Oct. 1704 and 30 Oct. 1705.
Mss. 26 Holmes, Oliver Wendell Letter to unknown recipient, Boston, 17 June 1867.
Mss. 27 Hoover, Herbert Letter, 26 Feb. 1947.
Mss. 28 Kingsmill, Hugh Letter, 5 Oct. 1932
Mss. 29 Leys, Norman MacLean Letter and two post cards, 7 July, 4 Aug., 22 Aug. 1941.
Mss. 30 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Letters, 2 Jan. 1957 and 10 June 1872.
Mss. 31 McKinley, William Letter, 13 July 1879, to A.E. Bonsall.
Mss. 32 Madison, James Signed land grant dated 20 Jan. 1812.
Mss. 33 Markham, Edwin Power.
Mss. 34 Mitchell, Ruth Comfort Letter, 1931, to George Creel from Ruth Comfort Mitchell.
Mss. 35 Monroe, James Signed land grant dated 6 Oct. 1817.
Mss. 36 Moore, Thomas Letter, 4 Dec. 1836, to G. Raphael Ward.
Mss. 37 Scott, Virgil Virgil Scott papers.
Mss. 38 Greg, W. W. (Walter Wilson) Letter, 20 Oct. 1917, from W.W. Greg to Pollard.
Mss. 39   Caresse Crosby correspondence to C.W. Riddell, 1955
Mss. 40   Alan Grimes papers on the Lantern Hill Subdivision.
Mss. 41 Sterling, George Letter, 15 June 1908.
Mss. 42 Taft, William H. Letter, 27 Dec. 1929
Mss. 43 Truman, Harry S. Letter, 9 July 1959.
Mss. 44 Van Buren, Martin Letter, 21 Dec. 1829.
Mss. 45 Warner, Rex Rex Warner papers.
Mss. 46    An infallible cure for the bite of a mad dog / brought from Tonquin by Sir George Cobb Bart, 1752 January 4.
Mss. 47   Mrs. Mead's cookies recipe.
Mss. 50   Nina Wayne collection.
Mss. 54   Items on The Seven Arts Magazine.
Mss. 56 Smith, A.J.M.  The lonely land.
Mss. 57 Galsworthy, John Letter to Jessie Conrad from John Galsworthy.
Mss. 58   Cookbook.
Mss. 59   Reed Massengill male nude photographs.
Mss. 61   Ballet Alicia Alonso collection.
Mss. 62 Wharton, Edith An Autumn Sunset.
Mss. 63 Whittier, John Greenleaf Letters, 5 Oct. 1891 and 24 Jan. 1882.
Mss. 64 Wilde, Oscar Autograph card, 6 March 1882.
Mss. 65 Winterton, William Receipt to cure the yellow water a disease of horses.
Mss. 66 Rogers, William D. William D. Rogers papers.
Mss. 67   Smith Act trial (1953-1954) collection.
Mss. 68 Hemming, Francis Entomology Journals, 1921-1958.
Mss. 69 Hugo, Issac Summa breuis doctrine legocae.
Mss. 70 Ryck, Maurice Martin de Maurice Martin de Ryck Congo papers.
Mss. 71 Burroughs, John Real and Sham Natural History.
Mss. 72 Burns, Robert To Riddel of Glenriddel framed poem.
Mss. 73 Sassoon, Sigfried Lorraine The Dug-out.
Mss. 74 Dean, Bessie Bessie Dean travel diary and ephemera.
Mss. 75 Davis, Richard Harding His Bad Angel.
Mss. 76   Remedies : Small pox.
Mss. 77 Palle, I. Colonel I. Palle papers.
Mss. 78 Reh, Baurat Theodor Baurat Theodor Reh papers.
Mss. 79   A Bok of medysens.
Mss. 80 Fowler, Dr. Lectures.
Mss. 81 Langton, Arthur Victor Royal African Society Papers.
Mss. 82   Pure-bred Short Horns cattle collection.
Mss. 83   Receipts : autographed manuscript recipe book for horses and humans.
Mss. 84 Toklas, Alice B. Alice B. Toklas letter to Robert Haines on behalf of Gertrude Stein.
Mss. 85 Joshi, Sheedhar Mahadev Sheedhar M. Joshi essay notebook.
Mss. 86 Cooke, Rose Terry Rose Terry Cooke letter to Mary.
Mss. 87 Howe, Edgar Watson E.W. Howe letter to Mr. Dorrance.
Mss. 88 King, Grace Elizabeth Grace King letter to Mr. Stoddart, 1888 September 24.
Mss. 89 Lewis, Charles Bertrand C.B. Lewis autograph card, 1912 July 1.
Mss. 90 Neal, John John Neal letter to Will H. Cary, 1867 February 1.
Mss. 91 Palfrey, John Gorham John Gorham Palfrey letter to Thomas K. Davis.
Mss. 92 Parton, James James Parton letter to W.H. Cary, 1865 August 17.
Mss. 93 Pitkin, Timothy Timothy Pitkin letter to Samual W. Dana, 1818 January 4.
Mss. 94 Teleki, Sámuel, gróf, Count Samuel Teleki East African diaries, in Hungarian, 1886-95; with English translations, 1961-1965.
Mss. 95 Baucher, Francois Francois Baucher papers.
Mss. 96 Bason, Frederick T. Frederick T. Bason manuscript about Oldham.
Mss. 97 Fillis, James Principles of training and horsemanship.
Mss. 98 Sigmund, Robert J. Robert J. Sigmund letter to Peter Trumbull, 1968 September.
Mss. 99   William D. Haywood letter to S. J. Rutgers, 1915 May 28.
Mss. 100   This indenture made the thirteenth day of August in the five & twentieth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord Charles the second by the grace of God king of England Scotland France & Ireland, defender of the faith, and anno [dmni?] 1673 between William Stokes the younger, of London...
Mss. 101 Van Syckle, Raymond E. Raymond E. Van Syckle diaries.
Mss. 102 Hiss, Alger Letter, 1965 July 15, New York, N.Y., to John Kempner, Lansing, Michigan.
Mss. 103 Lee, John John Lee letter to Wilmont Bunton, 1856 August 1.
Mss. 104 Terhune, Albert Payson Albert Payson Terhune letter to John Freeman, 1937 February 20.
Mss. 105 Steer, Francis W. Francis W. Steer collection of White family history documents.
Mss. 107 Morse, Allen Benton Allen Benton Morse papers and botanical samples.
Mss. 108   [Manuscript treatise on horses].
Mss. 109 Wilson, Edmund Edmund Wilson letter to Herbert Ruhan, 1950 July 1,
Mss. 110 Pound, Ezra Ezra Pound postcard to H. Ruhm, 1950 December 8.
Mss. 111 Coughlin, Reverend Charles Edward Letters, 1932, 1937.
Mss. 112   Jon Stewart Rally to Restore Sanity/Stephen Colbert March to Keep Fear Alive realia.
Mss. 113   Private sales instrument : Strassburg, March 16, 1354.
Mss. 114   Psalterium. Sec. XIII.
Mss. 115 Williams, Frederick J. Baird's Opera House box office statements.
Mss. 116 Moffett, Wallace B. Frederic-Moffet papers.
Mss. 117 Nichols, Lottie [Recipe book].
Mss. 118   Liber intrationum.
Mss. 119   Mary Ross Reynolds papers.
Mss. 120 Andrews, Dollie [Manuscript diary and recipe notebook].
Mss. 121   Islamic prayerbook and satchel.
Mss. 123 Prynne, H. Fellowes Horse dentition : the "Galvayne" system of ascertaining the age of a horse.
Mss. 124   [Cognizione de cavalli].
Mss. 125 Sandwich (Kent). Grand Jury (1666 June 21). The presentments of the Grandjury for the Towne & Port of Sandwich June 21, 1666.
Mss. 126 Hoffman, Gerard H. Puerto Ricans in New York : a language-related ethnographic summary.
Mss. 127 Cambresis, Jean Livre des secrets pour les maladies des cheua[ls] : apartenant à Iean Cambresis, marichal expert a Loueigne Comté de Logne, anno 1701.
Mss. 128 L.F.M. Les amours du Palais Royal : faict a Rouen ce 24e 8bre 1668 / par L.F.M.
Mss. 129 Williams, Jonathan [Postcard] 1965 Dec. 21, London [to] R. Waterfield, Betteshanger School, near Deal, Kent / Jonathan Williams.
Mss. 130   Domine, labia mea aperies, et os meum annuntiabit laudem tuam : [miniature book of hours].
Mss. 131   Mary Emma Butler papers.
Mss. 132 Church, Charlotte S. African safari photographs.
Mss. 133 Rueff, A. von (Adolf von) Thierheilkunde.
Mss. 134   [Cookery book].
Mss. 135 Jones, David Dylan David Dylan Jones papers.
Mss. 136   The horse.
Mss. 137   Anna West, her booke, Janu ye 6th, 1684.
Mss. 138 Austen-Leigh, Richard Arthur [Letter] 1945 Dec. 21, Great Abshot, Titchfield, Hampshire [to] Canon Swanzy [?] / Richard A. Austen-Leigh.
Mss. 139 Gleason, Arthur [Letter] 1915 November 6, New York [to] Walter Prichard Eaton, Stockbridge, Mass. / Arthur H. Gleason.
Mss. 140 Yonge, Charlotte Mary [Letter, 1854] July 10th, Otterbourn, Winchester
Mss. 141 Stryker, Lillian Diary for 1879.
Mss. 142  Whitman, Walt [Postcard, 18]90 Dec. 9, Camden, New Jersey [to] Mary Whitall Costelloe, London, England / Walt Whitman.
Mss. 143 Wade, Wyn Craig Wyn Craig Wade Ku Klux Klan collection : papers collected for The fiery cross, the Ku Klux Klan in America, Simon Schuster, 1987.
Mss. 144   Sylvia B. Kruger Haggadah collection.
Mss. 145 Lacoste [Chirurgie Veterinaire].
Mss. 146 Totten, Paul H. [Diary, 1918 Oct. 1-1919 July 19, plus addenda].
Mss. 147 online   Cooking note-book, waitress course [electronic resource] : winter term.
Mss. 147   Cooking note-book, waitress course : winter term.
Mss. 148    This indenture made the eighth day of April in the thirty second year of the reign of our sovereign lord, George the second, by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the faith and in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and fifty nine between Peter Darvall of the Middle Temple, London, esquire, Richard Maddock of Crane Court in Fleet Street, London, Gentleman of the one part and Charles Pratt of Lincoln's Inn fields in the county of Middlesex, esquire, his Majesty's attorney general, of the other part...
Mss. 149   [Trial records from Nuremberg, Germany].
Mss. 150 British Schools (Ealing, London, England). Infants' School. Log book / [Infants' School, The British Schools, Ealing].
Mss. 151 Hodges, Frances Receipt Book.
Mss. 152 Penlington, Norman Canada’s entry into the Boer War.
Mss. 153   Bread and roses : documents from the women's liberation movement in Boston, 1968-1971.
Mss. 154   Draft resistance movement, 1967-early 1970s.
Mss. 155   Dignity : archive of publications, newsletters and leaflets from Dignity chapters throughout the United States.
Mss. 156 Mediolanensis, Jacobus [Stimulus amoris divini].
Mss. 157 Bezassier, J. D. A Madame la Dauphine / par J.D. Bezassier, chanoine regulier de l'Abbaye de St. Vincent de Senlis.
Mss. 158 Kaiserliche Franziscische Akademie der Freien Künste. Ihro Königl. Hoheit der Durchlauchtigsten Fürstin und Frauen Frauen Mariæ Antoniæ ...
Mss. 159 Bilger, Jean [Rossarznei] ; Anhang einiger Rind-Viehes Artzneyen;
Mss. 160   Receipts  [Recipes for cookery, preserving of fruit, making various kinds of wines, etc.];
Mss. 161   Mrs [?] Lewis receipt book : rcts 1831-[1875?].
Mss. 162   Cookbook [18__?].
Mss. 163   [Cooking and baking recipe collection].
Mss. 164   [Cake, dessert, and other recipes];
Mss. 165   Receipt book [recipes, 1853-1870].
Mss. 166   Receipt book (1835).
Mss. 167 Harrison, Jim Jim Harrison manuscript collection.
Mss. 168 [Western, Anne] [Cookery and medical recipes].
Mss. 170   Cornelius Moore African Activist collection.
Mss. 171 Le Grand, Joachim Inventaire des papiers du cabinet du Cardinal de Richelieu : 1710 / par l'abbé Le Grand.
Mss. 172 Ruffo, Giordano Liber marischalcie equorum .
Mss. 173   South African missions : postcard collection.
Mss. 174   Libro d[i?] recette p[er?] guarir sparauieri et astorri …
Mss. 175   [Libro veterinaro].
Mss. 176 Apollaro, Gio Incommincia Il libro di miniscalcherìa, e capituli dell'infirmità de cavalli / quale fú cavato da Mró Gio: Apollaro mastro de stalla del ré Carlo, il quale molto fú esperto nella presente arte, secondo nel presente libro si descrive.
Mss. 177   Malattie dei cavalli : ms. s. XVI.
Mss. 178   Ricette per caualli.
Mss. 179   Remedes et receptes pour plusieurs malladies qui sensuyuent [?] sur [?] cheuaulx.
Mss. 180   Jurisprudence.
Mss. 181 Ferri, Vincenzio La mascalcia toscana.
Mss. 182   Questo presente uolume si tratta de tutte le malatie che uengano al cauallo o uero ad altra bestia tanto acidente quanto che naturale ... 
Mss. 183 Altman, Christoff Ross Artzneij : so mit allem Vleis auffs aller kürtzest zusamenbracht vnd offt gar vnd vielmals probirt wo rden sein / durch Christoffen Altman Huf Schmidt vnd Burgr die newen Stadt Prag.
Mss. 184   Manége de Bourgelat de Costranne.
Mss. 185   Agenda und Maleficanten.
Mss. 186 Weld, Margaret Painted flowers.
Mss. 187   Zulu warrior postcards.
Mss. 188 Corne, Guilhelmi [Cures and recipes].
Mss. 189   Tractatus de praxi medica.
Mss. 190 Ise, Sadatake   Shoan nikki ko-sho- / Ise Sadatake.
Mss. 191 Grisone, Federico Des edlen hochberumbten rittermässigen Manns Friderici Grisoni Neapoltanius beschreibung rütterlichen tugennt der Reutterey wahre gerechte ordnungen vnd lehren die Pferdt gerecht inn alle geradigkeit zum Ernnst vnnd Kurtzweill geschickt vnnd volkhomben zumachen durch Josephen Höchstettern uffs ainfelttigest verteutscht ...
Mss. 192   Ross Arzteney Buech.
Mss. 193   Approbirter Ross Doctor.
Mss. 194 Ockold, Mary Mrs. Mary Ockold, her receipt booke.
Mss. 195 Banister, Ann Ann Banister, Heckfield, December 12th, 1758 / wrote [sic] by Alexander Everard.
Mss. 196   Ethiopian materials : a collection of manuscripts, personal papers, memorabilia, documents, photographs, and recordings at the Library of Michigan State University.materials.
Mss. 197   Libro manoscritto che era di Michele Tassoni Marescalcho.
Mss. 198   Soccer in Africa : postcard collection.
Mss. 199   [Receipts].
Mss. 200   [Recipes for cookery, baking, preserving, wine-making, etc. : with a few miscellaneous household and medical recipes].
Mss. 201   Michael Morris South Africa collection.
Mss. 202 United Klans of America United Klans of America collection.
Mss. 203 Pettigrew, Elizabeth Elizabeth Pettigrew’s book.
Mss. 204 Jones, Margaret [Recipe book].
Mss. 205 Picano, Felice [Letter (1/13/81) to Winston Leyland on the formation of "a Gay Press Association"].
Mss. 206   [Libro della Maschalcia de' nobilissimi cavelli].
Mss. 207   Medical precepts, etc. used on farriery.
Mss. 208 Ford, Richard Richard Ford papers.
Mss. 208a Ford, Richard Richard Ford : miscellaneous press clippings and ephemera.
Mss. 209 McGuane, Thomas Thomas McGuane papers.
Mss. 209a McGuane, Thomas Thomas McGuane : miscellaneous press clippings and ephemera.
Mss. 210 Gildner, Gary Gary Gildner papers.
Mss. 211 Holtzman, Irving T.; Shirley Holtzman Irwin T. and Shirley Holtzman Israeli literature archive.
Mss. 212   The Smith collection.
Mss. 213   Eclipse Comics records.
Mss. 214   The FBI Freedom of Information Act Cesar E. Chavez and the United Farm Workers Files
Mss. 215 Daniels, Jim Jim Daniels papers.
Mss. 216 Safran Printing Company/Lithographers and Photoengravers International Union Safran Printing Company/Lithographers and Photoengravers International Union : archive.
Mss. 217 Peace Education Center East Lansing Peace Education Center archives.
Mss. 218 Crosby, Ernest Howard Ernest Howard Crosby collection.
Mss. 219   American Black Journal archive.
Mss. 220 Jewell, Terri L. Terri Jewell papers.
Mss. 221   Between the lines collection.
Mss. 222   Michigan Right to Work protest posters.
Mss. 223   The Seven Sutherland Sisters collection
Mss. 224 Hanson, Abraham [Private manuscript journal of a journey from Kenosha, Wisconsin to Monrovia, Liberia, 1862.]
Mss. 225 Heineman, Kenneth J. Kenneth Heineman collection on the anti-Vietnam War movement at Michigan State University
Mss. 226   Mary Hale’s cookbook, ca. 1780  Mary Hales book.
Mss. 227   Men's Studies Bibliography collection : archive of articles listed in and used in production of the Men's studies bibliography at the Humanities Library, Human Studies Collection, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Mss. 228    Changing men collections
Mss. 229   World War II press photographs of Japanese Americans.
Mss. 230 Firth, Margaret Margaret Firth's book.
Mss. 231   [Manuscript cook book].
Mss. 232   American Girls Addy Walker doll and related materials.
Mss. 233 Ottenberg, Simon Simon Ottenberg Limba field notes
Mss. 234 Holyoke, Edward Augustus Receipts.
Mss. 235 Barnes, George For the management of horses.
Mss. 236 Barth, John Letter to Robert P. Johnston, Feb. 8, 1961.
Mss. 237   New York Labor Committee Against Apartheid Collection.
Mss. 238 Warburg, James P. Foreign policy begins at home : [typescript].
Mss. 239 Godine Exterieur d'un cheval / par Mr Godine ainé, directeur adjoint et professeur à l'école impériale vétérinaire d'Alfort.
Mss. 240   Onuma Ezera collection of Eastern Nigerian (Biafran) materials.
Mss. 241   Michigan Writers Symposium records, 1992-1998.
Mss. 242   Webster family papers.
Mss. 243 Hoffman, David A. David Hoffman papers.
Mss. 244 Baker, Ray Stannard Ray Stannard Baker bee research collection.
Mss. 245   Lansing Area Peace Council papers.
Mss. 246 Barbaro, Marco Delle famiglie agregate alla nobiltà venetiana doppo il serare del Consiglio.
Mss. 247 Venice (Republic) Statuti e legge di mimate.
Mss. 248 Venice (Republic) Statuto veneto ...
Mss. 249 Minio, Philippo [Li]bro di spes[e].
Mss. 250 Caroldo, Gian Giacomi Historia di Venetia.
Mss. 251   Feminist Federal Credit Union papers.
Mss. 252   Photographs of American Indians at the Century of Progress International Exposition in Chicago Collection, 1933-1934.
Mss. 253 Kastl (Abbey : Kastl, Oberpfalz, Germany) Register vnd Vertzaichnuss der bestendigen Gellt Zinss, so dass Closster Casstll, jerlichen von volgenden Lehen Stuckhen zu Oberndorff, in der Herschafft Obern Sultzburg eingenemen hatt : vertzaichnet im Jar 1590.
Mss. 254 O.M. Scott & Sons Scotts Company records
Mss. 255 Calata, J. A. (James Arthur), Canon [Sermons, 1923-1974].
Mss. 256 Gwennael Oberou / Gwennael (abbé J.P. Bernard Cozanet).
Mss. 257 Reuling, John; Eleanor Reuling John Reuling and Eleanor Reuling personal papers.
Mss. 258   Patricia L. Beeman Southern Africa Liberation Committee (SALC) collection.
Mss. 259   John Harrington's South Africa papers.
Mss. 260 Cash, Jim; Jack Epps, Jr. Jim Cash and Jack Epps, Jr. papers.
Mss. 261   Educational Reform Project and Free University collection.
Mss. 262 Neva, Richard L. Screen Door Review records, 1973-1980.
Mss. 263 Kellogg, John Harvey Battle Creek Sanitarium collection.
Mss. 264   Great Lakes Greenpeace collection, 1970-1980.
Mss. 265 Students for a Democratic Society Students for a Democratic Society collection, 1966-1974.
Mss. 266   [Horse doctor's manuscript].
Mss. 267   Spanish election ephemera collection.
Mss. 268 Borges, Jorge Luis [La muralla y los libros].
Mss. 269 Catholic Church [Antiphonale] ; [Graduale].
Mss. 270 Rhode, Michael Michael Rhode archive of comics-related clippings and ephemera.
Mss. 271 Roger, Miss Cooking ideas : Miss Roger, instructor : Walter French High School, Lansing, Mich., Grade 9A.
Mss. 272   Comic art collectibles collection.
Mss. 273 Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor Bekennen offentlich mit diesem Brief, und thuen Kundt allermenniglich, das Unns Unnser und des Reichs lieber getrewer Bernhardt Speth von Zwifalten...
Mss. 274 Cooper, William Arthur Letter from W.A. Cooper to William Woods, July 31, 1942.
Mss. 275 Andrus, Harry L. H.L. Andrus medical book 1892 : prescriptions found in this book have been tried and found good and highly recommended.
Mss. 276   Greater Lansing Lesbian/Gay Hotline archives.
Mss. 277 Jacobs, James B. Jim Jacobs papers.
Mss. 278 Western Federation of Miners. Western Federation of Miners records.
Mss. 279   Punk band flyers and posters collection.
Mss. 280 American Coordinating Committee for Equality in Sport and Society. American Coordinating Committee for Equality in Sport and Society (ACCESS) records.
Mss. 281   Selma Waldman collection on the Seattle Coalition Against Apartheid (SCCA).
Mss. 282 Boston Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa. Boston Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa papers.
Mss. 283   Angolan political ephemera collection.
Mss. 284 Association of Concerned Africa Scholars. Association of Concerned Africa Scholars papers.
Mss. 286   Latinos in Film collection.
Mss. 287 Warren, Edward K. Chamberlain Warren Samaritan collection.
Mss. 289 Henderson Stock Company. Henderson Stock Company records.
Mss. 290 Student Tutorial Education Project. STEP (Student Tutorial Education Project) archive.
Mss. 291 Educators Against Racism and Apartheid (Organization) Educators Against Racism and Apartheid papers, 1985-1994.
Mss. 292   Africana Library Area Files
Mss. 293 Hooper, Mary-Louise Mary-Louise Hooper papers.
Mss. 294 Houser, George M. George M. Houser Africa collection.
Mss. 295 Moore, Doris Langley Doris Langley Moore papers.
Mss. 296   Veterinary notebook [manuscript].
Mss. 298 Enriquez, Maria Rita. Maria Enriquez papers.
Mss. 299 Espinoza, Miguel. Miguel Espinoza papers.
Mss. 300 Reyes, Rudy Rudy Reyes papers.
Mss. 301 Monteiro, Armindo Armindo Monteiro papers on Mozambique, 1920s-1950s.
Mss. 302 Wright, Donald R. Donald R. Wright papers on Mandinka origins, history, and culture in The Gambia, Senegal, and Guinea-Bissau, 1967-1980.
Mss. 303 Robbins, Lawrence Lawrence Robbins' archaelogical field notes.
Mss. 304 Wakoski, Diane Diane Wakoski papers.
Mss. 305   DoubleTake archive .
Mss. 306 Ibn al-ʻAssāl, al-Ṣafī Abū al-Faḍāʼil Mājid [Fetha nagast].
Mss. 307 Gerber, Dan Dan Gerber papers.
Mss. 307a Gerber, Dan Dan Gerber : miscellaneous press clippings and ephemera.
Mss. 308 Berg, Elliot Elliot Berg papers on African development.
Mss. 309   World student movements collection.
Mss. 310   Delaval papers.
Mss. 311   Esoteric and metaphysical literature collection.
Mss. 312   German film press books collection.
Mss. 313   MSU Libraries archive.
Mss. 314   Alan and Shirley Brocker Sliker culinary ephemera collection.
Mss. 315   Ku Klux Klan documents collection.
Mss. 316 Fox, Edith M.; Arthur Fox Edith and Arthur Fox collection.
Mss. 317   Michigan State University student activism collection.
Mss. 318 People's United Democratic Movement Swaziland political documents.
Mss. 319 Branson, H. C. H.C. Branson papers.
Mss. 320   Concours de photographie 1935 : épreuves primées.
Mss. 321 Wakoski, Diane Imbibers of the Feast Letters.
Mss. 322   A collection of useful receipts.
Mss. 323 Coles, Robert. Robert Coles papers.
Mss. 324   [Collection of illuminated manuscript leaves].
Mss. 325   The book beautiful through nine centuries : a group of 18 original leaves, each illustrating a superb achievement in the history of the book.
Mss. 326   [Incomplete illuminated manuscript].
Mss. 327   Motion picture, theatre, and ballet souvenir book collection.
Mss. 328 Collins, Carole Carole Collins papers.
Mss. 329 Thompson, Carol B. Carol B. Thompson and Bud Day Papers on Southern Africa.
Mss. 330   Mia Adjali (Africa collection).
Mss. 331 Weikart, Lynn Lynne Weikart collection.
Mss. 332 Keough, Tom Brooklynites Against Apartheid (Tom Keough and Connie Norgren collection).
Mss. 333 Schechter, Danny Danny Schechter Africa Research Group collection.
Mss. 334 Schwartz, Robert Robert Schwartz papers.
Mss. 335 Maurer, Robert Erwin Robert Maurer papers.
Mss. 336   Muigwithania and associated papers, 1928-1929.
Mss. 337 Durand, Mary A. Addoms Cook-book.
Mss. 338 Wilcock, David David Wilcock collection of USAID-funded project documents.
Mss. 339 Drake, Harold L. A.E. van Vogt collection.
Mss. 340 Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa  Madison Area Committee on Southern Africa collection.
Mss. 341 African American Students Foundation.  African American Students Foundation (AASF) "African Airlift" collection.
Mss. 342 Velickovic, Jeanne Marie Jeanne Marie Velickovic newspaper clippings and document collection on the transition to democracy in South Africa, 1989-1994. 
Mss. 343   Queer Politics collection.
Mss. 344 Runser, Robert Rob Run Press archive.
Mss. 345 Vander Molen, Robert Robert VanderMolen papers .
Mss. 346 Guerrero, Andrés G. Andrés G. Guerrero papers.
Mss. 347 Salas, Gumecindo Gumecindo Salas papers.
Mss. 348 Khilji, David David Khilji papers.
Mss. 349   Paulo R. Gordillo papers.
Mss. 350  Robinson, David David Robinson collection on Western Sudan.
Mss. 351   Travel guide and ephemera collection.
Mss. 352 Eick, Gretchen.  Gretchen Eick Southern Africa papers.
Mss. 353   Romance magazine collection.
Mss. 354   Andrews’ Princess Diana collection.
Mss. 355 Rochin, Refugio I. Refugio I. Rochin papers.
Mss. 356  Copley, Robert Robert E. Copley collection on Hank Aguirre.
Mss. 357 Communist Party of the United States Communist Party of the United States of America collection
Mss. 358   Underground and alternative newspaper collection.
Mss. 359 Ten Pound Fiddle Ten Pound Fiddle records.
Mss. 360   LCCAP.
Mss. 361   Eric Crawford collection on food security and agricultural development in Senegal.
Mss. 362 Levine, Peter Peter Levine working papers.
Mss. 363 Carolyn L. Kantner Manhunt radio transcripts collection.
Mss. 364   Detective magazine collection 
Mss. 365   Teen magazine collection.
Mss 366   Emir of Sokoto photos.
Mss. 367   Tabloid and gossip magazine collection.
Mss. 368   Music entertainment magazine collection.
Mss. 369   Entertainment magazine collection.
Mss. 370 Fleshman, Michael Michael Fleshman African solidarity T-shirt collection.
Mss. 371 Nesbitt, Prexy. Prexy Nesbitt T-shirt collection.
Mss. 372 Santana, Aracelly Aracelly Santana Poster and T-shirt collection.
Mss. 373   Latino Hollywood screenplays collection.
Mss. 374   Latino/Mexican lobby card collection.
Mss. 375   Lev Raphael papers.
Mss. 376   Neil Leighton document collection on labor and politics in South Africa, 1986-1989.
Mss. 378   Historical newspaper collection.
Mss. 379   Africana Posters collection.
Mss. 380 Tirado, Daniel; Linda Medina Daniel Tirado and Linda Medina Tirado papers.
Mss. 381   South African political ephemera collection.
Mss. 382   Juana and Jesse Gonzales papers.
Mss. 383 Borges, Jorge Luis Lecture notes and literary essays.
Mss. 384   Program on the Lakes of East Africa (PLEA) papers.
Mss. 385   Zambian women in government study
Mss. 386 Brooks, George E. George E. Brooks collection on West African trade.
Mss. 387 Minty, Judith Judith Minty papers.
Mss. 388 Burillo, Penny Pangburn Penny Pangburn Burillo papers.
Mss. 389 Martinez, Gilberto V.; Minerva T. Martinez Gilberto V. and Minerva T. Martinez papers.
Mss. 390   Nora Salas papers.
Mss. 391 Hamper, Ben Ben Hamper archive.
Mss. 392   Mike Price Red Squad files.
Mss. 393   Occupy Wall Street collection.
Mss. 394   Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. papers
Mss. 395   Task Force on Southern Africa, Church Council of Greater Seattle (Marjorie Prince/Elaine Hickman collection).
Mss. 396   Chicano and Latino photograph collection.
Mss. 397 Benitez, Joseph Spielberg Joseph Spielberg Benitez papers.
Mss. 398 Marinez, Juan Juan Marinez papers.
Mss. 399 Salazar, Gilbert Gilbert Salazar papers.
Mss. 400   Native American posters.
Mss. 401   Chicano/Latino posters.
Mss. 402   Latin American posters.
Mss. 403   Shirley Sliker Pinocchio collection.
Mss. 404   Claypool Comic Art records.
Mss. 405   Da Afghanistan Kalanay collection.
Mss. 406   Ducks Unlimited artwork collection.
Mss. 407 Fox, Hugh Hugh Fox papers.
Mss. 409   Ghanaian political ephemera collection.
Mss. 410   Diana and Pedro Rivera papers.
Mss. 411   Mark Ritzenhein gay picture collection.
Mss. 412   Gay magazine collection.
Mss. 413   Gay pulp paperback book collection.
Mss. 414   Segregation and desegregation efforts in Florida press photographs.
Mss. 415   Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights under law Africa project (Douglas Wachholz collection).
Mss. 416   Men's magazines collection.
Mss. 417   Growing in Place Community Farm records.
Mss. 418   George H. Conger photograph collection.
Mss. 419   Julia A. Moore collection.
Mss. 420   Marilyn Frye collection of feminist, gay, and lesbian material
Mss. 421   Waynesart Sculptures (Wayne Hampton) archive.
Mss. 422   Douglas Henry papers.
Mss. 423   Bhambata photos.
Mss. 424   Malawi election 1994 collection.
Mss. 425   Midwest Consortium for Latino Research (MCLR).
Mss 426   Milwaukee Metro Sewage District (MMSD) collection
Mss 427   National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) Beltsville collection
Mss 428   Kent Kurtz papers
Mss 429   Fred Grau papers
Mss. 430   Filecia Barghouthi Palestine documents collection.
Mss. 431   Radicalism posters.
Mss. 432   Wasserman papers.
Mss. 433 Friendly. Susan 1835 original handwritten Americana : manuscript recipes, remedies and cookery book.
Mss 434   Chicana/o Latina/o bumper sticker collection.
Mss 435   Books Inc. collection.
Mss 436   Collection of Grande Ballroom Concert postcards and fliers.
Mss 437   Freedom Riders arrive in St. Petersburg, photograph collection.
Mss 438   Stuart N. Dowty and Janet Goldwasser papers.
Mss 439   George Will visit to Michigan State University protest signs and other materials.
Mss 440   Alan Zaslavsky African collection.
Mss 441   Harvard/Radcliffe Alumni/ae Against Apartheid- Chester Hartman collection.
Mss 442   Ed Ferguson Oregon Anti-apartheid collection.
Mss 443 Conservatorio de Música Alfredo Levy Conservatorio de Música Alfredo Levy collection.
Mss 444   South African political t-shirts and ephemera collection.
Mss 445 Dollard, Michael J. Capital District Coalition Against Apartheid legal documents and newspaper clippings.
Mss 446   Friends of Malawi records
Mss 447   James Mittleman Uganda Tanga collection
Mss 448   Steve Huyser collection on LGBT choirs and other material
Mss 449   Idali Feliciano collection on Mujeres Unidas de Michigan
Mss 450   "The Who's Who of American Comic Books" surveys and other material
Mss 451   Thomas Biersteker Research collection.
Mss 452   United Nations NGO Committee on the Status of Women.
Mss 453   American Activism and Social Justice Pin collection.
Mss 454   Linnington papers.
Mss 455   Food not Bombs.
Mss 456   Chicana/o Latina/o activism tee shirt collection.
Mss 457   The Farm (Crossroad Community) punk fliers
Mss 458   Gay, lesbian, and bisexual rights press photographs collection.
Mss 459   Chicano Mexicano Calendar Art collection.
Mss 460   Rovi Adult DVD collection.
Mss 461 Harrison, Jim Jim Harrison : Miscellaneous press clippings and ephemera. 
Mss 462   South African Apartheid Clothing and ephemera.
Mss 463   [Missal Leaf].
Mss 464 Gervasi, Sean Sean Gervasi papers.
Mss 465   Jesus Chuy Garcia for Chicago Mayor (2015) Campaign collection.
Mss 466   Book Provenance and Laid in Material collection.
Mss 467   Southern Africa relief fund, Brenda Randolph.
Mss 468 Flores, Alberto Alberto Flores collection on the Michigan Hispanic Senior Citizens Coalition (MHSCC).
Mss 469 Treviño, José F. José F. Treviño papers.
Mss 470   Aliu Babatunde Fafunwa collection.
Mss 471 Grant, Terry Goldenrod Music records.
Mss 472   Bestiality pulp paperback collection.
Mss 473 Wellman, Saul Saul Wellman collection.
Mss 474   Justo Hernandez papers.
Mss 475   Greetings Cards to John Norman Ellefson.
Mss 476   Crudos Chicano Punk.
Mss 477   William G. Lockwood collection of Romani Ethnology and Gypsy Stereotypes
Mss 478   Lansing Association for Human Rights (LAHR) records.
Mss 479   Gerardo Torres and the Puerto Rican Veterans Welfare Postal Workers Association collection.
Mss 480   Sister Janice McLaughlin Zimbabwe collection.
Mss 481   Charlie Nash archive.
Mss 482   Fan fiction from the Star Trek Universe collection.
Mss 483   Fan fiction from universes other than Star Trek collection
Mss 484   Elizabeth S. Landis papers 
Mss 485   Joel Fischer and Renee Furuyama papers
Mss 486   Cindy Ruskin papers
Mss 487   William Minter papers
Mss 488   Liz Blum papers
Mss 489   Media Zines collection
Mss 490   David Wiley papers
Mss 491   [Colonial tavern keeper's manuscript account book]
Mss 492   Man in a dress photographs
Mss 493   Don Buell Theater collection
Mss 494   Frank Leverett and Frank Bursley Taylor collection.
Mss 495   Agricultural Equipment Catalogs collection.
Mss 496   Francis Facciolo "Classic Toys" Collection of Toy Store Catalogs and Price Lists
Mss 497   Michael and Monica Appleby collection of Medu Art Ensemble posters and Southern African posters and maps
Mss 498   African American posters.
Mss 499   Asian American posters.
Mss 500 Michigan State University. Residential Option in Arts and Letters Residential Option in the Arts and Letters (ROIAL) Time Capsule collection.
Mss 501   South Indiana United Methodist and others in support of South Africans (Patricia Kyle collection).
Mss 502   Portland Anti-Apartheid (Elizabeth Ussher Groff collection).
Mss 503 Borges, Jorge Luis [Evaristo Carriego].
Mss 506   Brent Simpson collection of Malian documents.
Mss 507   John Staatz collection on food security and agricultural development in Malia
Mss 508   Michigan Womyn's Music Festival records
Mss 509   Norman Miller papers.
Mss 510   Donald Brody collection of a Christmas card from H. Kamuzu Banda and autograph by Dr. Kenneth D. Kaunda.
Mss 511   African textile collection.
Mss 512 Nwanko, Ochia Ochia Nwankwo poetry.
Mss 513   Committee to Free Moses Mayekiso records.
Mss 514   United States political button and ephemera collection.
Mss 515   Amandla.
Mss 516   Songololo.
Mss 517   German South West Africa photographs.
Mss 518   Natal province missionary photograph album.
Mss 519   Gambia Economic Conference photograph album.
Mss 520   Julio César Guerrero papers.
Mss 521   Alan C. G. Best African slide collection.
Mss 522   Warrior Films collection.
Mss 523   Ethiopian picture postcards.
Mss 524   Committee for Justice in South Africa collection.
Mss 525   Upton Sinclair letters to Perry Gianakos.
Mss 526   Donald C. Mead collection on microenterprises.
Mss 527   Lane E. Holdcroft collection on agricultural development work.
Mss 528   Winifred Galloway collection.
Mss 529   Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán. Aka Movimiento Estudiantil Xicano de Aztlán (MEChA).
Mss 530   The MSU Libraries Serials Checklist.
Mss 531   San Francisco Pride 2015 ephemera collection.
Mss 532   Portland Anti-Apartheid Materials- Benjamin Priestly collection.
Mss 533   Enrique "Henry" Martinez papers.
Mss 534   Asian American Professional Women's Association.
Mss 535 Lockwood, William G. William G. Lockwood Ann Arbor wine societies collection.
Mss 536   United Farm Workers Connecticut New England Region 7 collection.
Mss 537   Diana I. Marinez papers.
Mss 538   Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune collection.
Mss 539   Chicanx Latinx Textile Arts collection.
Mss 540 Castillo, John J. John J. Castillo collection
Mss 541   Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center Visiting Chefs series collection.
Mss 542   Women's March on Lansing protest signs and ephemera collection.
Mss 543   Women's March on Washington protest signs and ephemera collection.
Mss 547   Copper Kettle recipes
Mss 548   José Gutierrez collection on Albert Peña, Jr.
Mss 549   Larry Tate papers.
Mss 551   Victor Weybright Archives of Gypsy Studies
Mss 552   Finally Got the News Tape collection
Mss 553   Africana Library records
Mss 554   Pillsbury cookbooks
Mss 555   African newspaper collection
Mss 556   Wayne A. Wolbert-Perez papers
Mss 557   Horace J. Orr Mauthausen concentration camp collection
Mss 558   Carleton W. Washburne educational publications.
Mss 559   Robert Rotburg papers
Mss 560   Bill Derman Zimbabwe News Clippings
Mss 561   Southern Africa postcards and stereoscopic photographs.
Mss 564 Smith, Barbara Dawson Barbara Dawson Smith papers.
Mss 565   Lou Pitschmann bookmark collection.
Mss 566   Dionicio Valdes collection
Mss 567   Meow Press collection
Mss 568   Yvonne R. Lockwood Burgenland research collection
Mss 569   James Tiptree, Jr. Award records
Mss 570   Chilean Zine collection
Mss 571   Colombian Zine collection
Mss 572   Hillel Schwartz collection
Mss 573   Geoffrey Fox interview tapes
Mss 574   Cristo Rey Parish records
Mss 575   Cristo Rey Community Center records
Mss 576   Andrea Rodriquez papers
Mss 577   Willard Pierce collection
Mss 578   Paul Hart papers
Mss 579   Rita Arenas papers
Mss 580   Greater Lansing Network Against War and Injustice records
Mss 581   Duane Mezga Holocaust Sites photograph collection
Mss 582   Peter Weiss papers
Mss 583   Rebecca Arenas papers
Mss 584   New America Movement collection
Mss 585   Culturas de las Razas records
Mss 586   Anne Ferguson research papers
Mss 587   Kristina Ford papers
Mss 588   Bill Beachler papers
Mss 589   James Watson papers
Mss 590   Robert Killips papers
Mss 591   South African Postcards
Mss 592   East Lansing Food Coop records
Mss 593   Cameroon photograph album
Mss 594   Niger photograph album
Mss 595   Donald Yates collection of Rodolfo Walsh correspondence, writings, and other materials
Mss 597   Eric Jackson collection of radical ephemera
Mss 598   From the Hebrew Press publications
Mss 600   Fantasy Amateur Press Association collection
Mss 601   Menu collection
Mss 602   Dessie, Ethiopia, road building photograph collection
Mss 603   Kathleen Sheldon papers
Mss 604   Henry Leiberg papers
Mss 605   Anson Chong papers
Mss 606   Ghana curriculum collection
Mss 607   James Weikart papers
Mss 608   Barbara Brown collection of African activist buttons
Mss 609   South African mining photo collection
Mss 610   Southern Africa Resource Center photograph collection
Mss 611   Beneva Williams Nyamu papers
Mss 612   Ruth M. Brandon papers
Mss 613   Comic book publishers and distributors collection of promotional material
Mss 614   Herblock Prize collection
Mss 615   Emily Dievendorf papers
Mss 616   Lesbian Connection collection
Mss 617   David Cooper collection on Robert Coles
Mss 618   Chris Spencer collection of male erotica photographs
Mss 619   Southern African Committee records
Mss 620   R. H. Fyfe travel scrapbooks
Mss 621   Chinese opera photographs
Mss 622   Donald Yates papers
Mss 623   CRAH-ALSAME records
Mss 624   Early nineteenth century receipts primarily for sweets culinary, c. 1840s
Mss 625   Katherine Guins peace and social justice collection
Mss 626   World War II posters
Mss 627   Women's March on Lansing 2018 collection
Mss 628   Gladys-Marie Fry papers
Mss 629   Munguia-Cisneros family history collection
Mss 630   Supplemental Education Association booklets
Mss 631   World War II propaganda leaflets
Mss 632   Movie posters
Mss 633   Dolores Sanchez photographs
Mss 634   Chicano Activist FOIA collection
Mss 635   Courtney Smith photographs of the Lansing March for Our Lives 2018


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Contemporary Michigan Writers

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Veterinary Medicine

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