Michigan State University

All students, staff, and faculty must scan their MSU ID to access the MSU Library building between 10:00 pm – 7:30 am on Sunday - Thursday.

Video Games and Spaces are available

The Gerald M Kline Digital and Multimedia Center, on 4 West of the Main Library, is home to game labs for study and recreation alike! Console games, from our collection or yours, may be played by individuals or groups in our fully equipped video game labs. Our space also provides 12 PCs with high-end gaming specs.

Available consoles:

  • Nintendo 64 | GameCube | Wii | Wii U
  • Sony PlayStation 2 | PlayStation 3 | Playstation 4 Pro
  • Sega Saturn | Dreamcast
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 | Xbox One S
  • Coming soon...
    • Playstation 5
    • Xbox Series X
    • Nintendo Switch

Borrow games

Most video games circulate similarly to other audiovisual media, and may be checked out from the library for up to 14 days at a time. Some games are limited to 4-hour, library-use-only checkout (due to factors such as age, condition, rarity, piece count, and bulk).

Reserve a Video Game Lab

A Video Game Lab may be reserved to use game media. Visit the Reservation System to book up to four hours per person, per day.

What can be played?

Bring in your own games for any console listed above (except those "coming soon"), or check out games from our collection. To search, visit catalog.lib.msu.edu. We are currently working to make browsing available again since the migration to FOLIO & EDS. Updates will be posted here.

We are continuously processing titles for addition to the playable catalog. To suggest a game for us to process next, feel free to search or browse our Unprocessed Games List. To suggest any changes to gaming spaces or procedures, or to request acquisition of a game that doesn't appear in the Unprocessed Games List, please use the Gaming Feedback form.