Michigan State University

On March 16, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an Executive Order temporarily closing many public spaces. All academic libraries are included in this order. The Main Library is closed, but we still offer virtual services and many resources do remain available. Please see our Online and Distance Learning resource page for specific Library resources. Reference services are still available via chat and phone. We do have temporary policies for returning/renewing material.

Purchasing Procedures for Electronic Resources

As stated in the MSU Libraries' Accessibility Statement, it is a priority to select and acquire, whenever possible, resources and technologies that are accessible to all. To help us work toward more accessible library resources, we have implemented accessibility purchasing procedures for electronic resources (e-resources) that we purchase from vendors/publishers.

As part of these procedures, the Libraries is asking publishers/vendors:

Big Ten Libraries' E-Resource Accessibility Efforts

The MSU Libraries is helping lead efforts in the Big Ten Academic Alliance Libraries related to e-resource accessibility. In addition to creating accessibility license language for vendor e-resources, the Big Ten Libraries are collectively funding third-party accessibility evaluations of library e-resources. This program provides vendors with a report and the opportunity to improve the accessibility of their products while giving members of the library community information about the accessibility of specific library e-resources.

Accessibility & MSU Libraries' Digital Collections

Accessibility is also a priority for digital collections created by the MSU Libraries. We have staff in our Digital Information unit working on ensuring new digital collections are created with accessibility in mind and that the accessibility of older collections is improved.