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Remediation Requests & Information

Although the MSU Libraries strive to collect, acquire and develop accessible digital/electronic collections, unfortunately, not all are. The MSU Libraries are able to  provide remediated, accessible versions of digital/electronic library documents to library users with disabilities upon request.

  • Remediation requests will be handled internally in a completely confidential manner.
  • Remediation requests must be for resources in the MSU Libraries' digital/electronic collections. We currently cannot remediate print materials, print textbooks, resources not found in the Libraries' collections, etc., although MSU's Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities: Opens in a New Tab offers these services and more to MSU affiliates registered with their office.
  • Remediation requests should be made as far in advance as possible. Some remediation takes a significant amount of time, so the sooner these requests are placed, the better!
  • The MSU Libraries will complete and return remediation requests as quickly as possible, but the exact time will vary depending on the type of request.
  • Any questions about remediation requests should be directed to: libraryremediation@lib.msu.edu.

Remediation Procedures

Library users with disabilities have three options to request remediated, accessible versions of inaccessible digital/electronic documents from the MSU Libraries' collection.

  1. E-mail the MSU Libraries remediation team (libraryremediation@lib.msu.edu) requesting that library documents be remediated. Requests will be handled internally in a completely confidential manner. Please include the following in your request:
    • Include a complete citation and a link to the library resource(s)/material(s) you would like remediated.
    • Specify any preferred file formats and/or any assistive tools/technology you normally use to access electronic materials and files.
    • Indicate the date when you need the materials. We will do our best to meet this date, but certain remediation requests take quite a bit of time. We therefore request as much advance notice as possible.
  2. Fill out our Accessibility Remediation Request Form.
  3. MSU students, faculty and staff registered with MSU's Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD): Opens in a New Tab are welcome to request remediated library documents via their RCPD specialist instead of contacting the Libraries' remediation team. Your RCPD specialist will then be responsible for contacting the Libraries' remediation team on your behalf if they do not complete the remediation themselves.