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Faculty Authorization (Borrowing Material in a Faculty Member's Name)

March 2018

I. Guidelines and Procedures

  1. Any board-appointed MSU faculty member may authorize an individual to borrow library material and/or request material on interlibrary loan for that faculty member’s research.
  2. Generally, only MSU students or MSU staff members will be authorized.
  3. A maximum of three individuals may be authorized. If a special situation requires more than three authorizations, contact the Head of Patron Services for approval: ferriser@lib.msu.edu.
  4. Faculty authorization cannot be used to provide extended borrowing privileges for MSU students or members of a faculty member's family.
  5. Faculty authorization cannot be used for faculty book delivery services.
  6. To authorize an individual, the faculty member must complete the electronic form at https://lib.msu.edu/secure/FacultyAuthorization or sign a Faculty Authorization request form at the Main Library Patron Services Desk. If using the paper form, return the form to the Main Library Patron Services Desk, through campus mail (Faculty Authorizations, Patron Services Department, Main Library) or FAX to (517) 355-5005.
  7. When authorization records have been completed, the faculty member will be emailed that the authorized individual may obtain the library card (by presenting pictured ID and signing the “Use Agreement”) at the Main Library Patron Services Desk.
  8. All authorizations expire in early May of the academic year in which the card was issued, unless an earlier expiration date was requested. Later expiration dates are not possible. The faculty member will be contacted during Spring semester about renewal or cancelation of authorized privileges.

II. Responsibilities of the Authorizing Faculty Member

  1. Borrower responsibilities and lending policies regarding materials checked out by authorized individuals are identical to those for faculty members, summarized below and on this webpage for material borrowed from other libraries.
  2. Because the faculty member is responsible for all material checked out in his/her name, lost or stolen faculty authorization cards must be reported immediately by calling (517) 355-2333.
  3. If material is lost, stolen or damaged, the faculty member is responsible for replacing or paying for it. Minimum replacement charges are $100. If the current market value is more than the minimum charge, the former will be charged. Note: Replacement charges cannot be charged to MSU departmental accounts.
  4. If MSU material checked out by a faculty-authorized individual is needed by another borrower or course reserve, it will be recalled and given an earlier due date. If the material is not returned by the recall due date, the borrowing privileges of the faculty member and all individuals authorized by him/her will be suspended until the material is returned or replaced. The faculty member is responsible for any recall fines, which may not be charged to MSU departmental accounts.
  5. All correspondence concerning material checked out by the authorized individual will be emailed to the faculty member. It is the faculty member's responsibility to see that material is returned or renewed (if eligible) on or before the due date.
  6. When an authorization is canceled, all material checked out to the authorized individual will be transferred to the faculty member's account and a list of the transferred material emailed to the faculty member.

III. Responsibilities of the Authorized Individual

  1. Each time library materials are to be checked out in the faculty member's name, the authorized individual must present the Faculty Authorization card along with pictured identification.
  2. Use of the Faculty Authorization card results in material being checked out to the faculty member, not the person presenting the card. Consequently, it is to be used solely for the purpose of checking out library material needed by the authorizing faculty member. It may not be used to check out material for the personal use of the authorized individual.
  3. Lost or stolen Faculty Authorization cards must be reported immediately by calling (517) 355-2333.