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The Michigan Writers Collection, located in the Special Collections Division of the Michigan State University Libraries serves as a primary resource for the recognition, study, and appreciation of the literary tradition that exists and continues to evolve in Michigan. It is devoted to collecting and making accessible all the manuscripts and published works of selected writers with important ties to Michigan. Established in 1989, the collection already features several of the most outstanding writers of the last quarter century. Among those in the collection are winners of a Pulitzer Prize, the Yale Younger Poets Award, National Endowment for the Humanities awards, and Guggenheim Fellowships.


The collection was originally established to recognize only MSU students who later achieved national and international reputations for their literary work, such as Jim Harrison, Richard Ford, Carolyn Forche, Tom McGuane, Dan Gerber, Lev Raphael, Jim Cash, and Jack Epps. Given the important writing talent that exists throughout Michigan, however, the collection has been expanded to include over 70 writers, many of whom have participated in the Michigan Writers Series hosted by the MSU Libraries. The collection continues to grow and is used by MSU students, faculty, and visiting researchers.

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Steve Amick

Laura Apol

Charles Baxter

Ruth Behar

Elinor Benedict

Tom Bissell

Terry Blackhawk

Rainelle Burton

Bonnie Jo Campbell

Jacqueline Carey

Jim Cash & Jack Epps

Patricia Clark

Paul Clemens

Jim Daniels

Michael Delp

Pamela Ditchoff

Jack Driscoll

Stuart Dybek

Loren D. Estleman

Joseph Featherstone

Katherine Fishburn

Carolyn Forché

Richard Ford

Linda Nemec Foster

Dan Gerber

Gary Gildner

Diane Glancy

Jim Harrison

Amy Hassinger

Gordon Henry

Lolita Hernandez

Conrad Hilberry

Dennis Hinrichsen

Craig C. Holden

David James

Laura Kasischke

Josie Kearns

Judith Kerman

Michael P. Kube-McDowell

Gerry LaFemina

Margo LaGattuta

Patrick Lebeau

Peter Levine

Liesel Litzenburger

Deanne Lundin

Thomas Lynch

Joe Matuzak

Thomas McGuane

Isabel Miller (Alma Routsong)

Stephanie Mills

Judith Minty

William (W.S.) Penn

Rachael Perry

Lev Raphael

Jack Ridl

Robert Root

Sandra Seaton

Diane Seuss

Marc Sheehan

Sue William Silverman

Anita Skeen

Leonora Smith

Alison Swan

Keith Taylor

F. Richard Thomas

Jeff Vande Zande

Robert VanderMolen

Arthur Versluis

Robert Vivian

Anca Vlasopolos

Diane Wakoski

Sylvia Watanabe

Ted (Theodore) Weesner

Keith Widder

Jeff Wray

Mark Yakich

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