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Kinesiology and Physical Education

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Databases & Terms Searched: 

Two searches were created. The first one with terms focused on terms related to learning environment. The second hedge contained terms related to diversity and inclusion. The search hedge for “Kinesiology” was (Kinesiology or Exercise or biomechanics or human movement or locomotion or movement). The search hedge for “Sport” was (Sport or Sport* or Recreation or Athletics or Athlete* or Games or Physical Education). The databases “SportsDisc” and “Web of Science” were searched.


Some of the themes noticed during the search were measuring the gains and success rates made by diverse students, recommendations for best practices and designing curricula to best work with diverse students, how instructors can be more accommodating, the impact on students’ achievement and success, pedagogical practices, and relating and connecting with the students.

Relevant Journals: 

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance

International Journal of Inclusive Education



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Physical Education

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