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The AnthroSource database was searched using terms such as inclusivity, diversity, pedagogy, and instruction.


Articles published in Anthropology and Education Quarterly in 1998 and 2001 praised and described (Singer, Pedelty), as well as cautioned strongly (Marker, Higgins) on the use of experiential education in the anthropology classroom (such as students performing dances or rituals from “other” cultures). Marker relayed Native American students’ negative reports of such classroom experiences and made suggestions for teaching white and Native students. In 2005 Brayboy published an ethnographic description of two Native American students’ experiences in US universities, including of classroom and other interactions with faculty.  Writing in Cultural Anthropology (2013), Navarro, Williams and Ahmad contributed an ethnographic description of their own experiences as women of color anthropology faculty, including their classroom experiences, and offered suggestions for improvement, such as co-teaching. Finally, Cook-Sather and Alter described the educational possibilities of college students working in the liminal position of consultants to faculty on classroom learning (2011).

Relevant Journals: 

Anthropology and Education Quarterly


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