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A search of the literature in the major article databases of the disciplines produced only two articles that present a discussion of inclusive teaching practices. The abstract for “Queering Art Teacher Education” states that the article “sounds a call to action and addresses the challenges of creating inclusive, queer-affirming art teacher education curricula.” The second article, although specific to architecture students, notes that “Design subjects, including architecture, tend to attract students with dyslexia. The relevant disciplinary skills of three-dimensional design and visual communications often align to these students' academic strengths.” The article reports on a series of initiatives at a British university to provide “academic support and alternative assessment methods for these students” when it came to the development of academic writing skills. The ERIC database was searched for articles on "inclusive teaching" and "art education" which yielded many results specific to Art Education courses. 


“Inclusiveness” in the visual arts, design, and art history generally relates to the subject matter that is incorporated into the curriculum; a discussion of teaching practices and inclusivity in the curriculum appears to be lacking from the literature. It is assumed that, with the exception of art history, teaching practices in art and design-related disciplines focus on a particular technique (how to draw, sew, use design software, etc.) versus a traditional classroom lecture environment, or looking at ways to integrate art and museum resources into the learning ecosystem. 

In addition to focusing on the canon of art, art history, and design, there is a lot of discussion on how to make museums more inclusive for visitors and museum education activities, but this does not tie into higher education teaching practices. There is an equally large body of literature on elementary and secondary educational practices but again, is not about the post-secondary classroom.

Relevant Journals: 

International Journal of Art & Design Education

Arts and Humanities in Higher Education: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice



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Museum Studies

Vázquez, Karina Elizabeth, and Martha Wright. "Making Visible the Invisible: Social Justice and Inclusion through the Collaboration of Museums and Spanish Community-Based Learning Projects." Dimension (2017): 1-17.

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