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MSU Researcher Highlight

Dr. Angela Kolonich, Dr. Gail Richmond, and Dr. Joseph Krajcik from MSU's CREATE for STEM institute recently published an article titled, "Reframing Inclusive Science Instruction to Support Teachers in Promoting Equitable Three-Dimensional Science Classrooms." The article is a framework on inclusive science education as a pedagogical shift to promote equity in science. 

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Databases & Terms Searched: 

The two main databases consulted in order to begin this list were Education Full Text and ERIC. Using the keywords "teacher education," "teacher training,"  and "pre-service teachers" to refocus the search specifically to pedagogy in teacher education programs, curricula and courses yielded more targeted results. Other helpful keywords included “anti-racist pedagogy,” "classroom environment," "critical pedagogy," and "teacher education pedagogy." We found that “inclusive teaching” as a search phrase often refers specifically to K-12 special education settings.


Inclusive pedagogy is ubiquitous to education literature; there is a large body of research focusing on preparing teachers to create inclusive learning environments for their students (see Akiba, Hachfield et. al., Warren & Hotchkins, and Gao et. al. as examples). Along this line of research, themes related to inclusive teaching include integration of special needs students, transformative and culturally responsive pedagogies and social justice. Several articles discussing the experiences of pre-service teachers of color in teacher education programs emerged, including articles from Kates, Amos, Vasquez, Jackson, Bower-Phipps et al, Szecsi & Spillman, and Teo. Critical race theory and whiteness in relation to TE classrooms are discussed by Brown, Chung & Harrison, and Matias, while queer theory is addressed in Murray's anthology.

Relevant Journals: 

Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies

International Journal of Inclusive Education

New Directions for Teaching and Learning

Journal of Diversity in Higher Education

Intercultural Education‎

Multicultural Education

Race, Ethnicity and Education

Urban Education

Equity & Excellence in Education

Gender & Education


Teacher Education

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