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Environmental Science

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Databases & Terms Searched: 

We found articles by searching Web of Science, Environment Complete, Wildlife and Ecology Studies Worldwide, and ERIC. In all, we identified eight articles that specifically address these topics in at least one aspect. We utilized the terms: diversity, gender, inclusion/inclusivity, multicultural, minorities, instruction, learning, classroom, pedagogy and teaching in various combinations to identify articles.


While there are some inclusive education articles within the environmental science field, there is certainly potential for further study. Of the articles found, many related specifically to environmental education outside the classroom rather than undergraduate environmental science instruction. The one article that does address environmental science education in the undergraduate setting comes from an international perspective (Kutbiddinova, Eromasova, and Romanova), although the observations can certainly be applicable to a US context. That leaves many aspects of inclusive education unexamined.

Relevant Journals: 

The Journal of Environmental Education

Journal of Biological Education

International Journal of Environmental & Science Education


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