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Databases & Terms Searched: 

This list includes results from subject databases in both education and natural resources. The education databases were ERIC and Education Full Text and the natural resource database were Web of Science and Wildlife and Ecology Studies Worldwide. Searches across these databases used keywords such as “inclusive teaching,” “Inclusive education,” “pedagogy,” fisheries and wildlife,” “ecology,” and “undergraduate.”


Inclusive education is rarely the topic of publications within the natural resource literature. Search results that do mention inclusive education often are actually referring to a curriculum that integrates practitioner perspectives (Turgeon et al., 2018) or accommodates differing learning styles (Grossman, Orth, & Neuswanger, 2016). Alternatively, Koutouki, Watts, and Booth include an indigenous perspective but outside of the undergraduate education context (2015). Changing demographics within natural resource student populations and a need for greater diversity among professionals is a topic of concern, but responses to such challenges focus on the role technology plays in the classroom (Millenbah & Wolter, 2009).

Relevant Journals: 

Journal of Wildlife Management


Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability


Fisheries and Wildlife

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